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I have played hundreds of games across all brackets and have been absolutely obsessed with League of Legends since beta. However, recently I have come to see a glaring flaw that has made playing in the solo queue an often-times frustrating experience.

The flaw is this: A player only affects 20% of their Elo. Where is the other 80% you might ask? It rests with the other four players in the game you are playing. This has been considered before, I'm certain. However, there is something both discouraging and frustrating to know that no matter how well I perform in any given game, my success or failure rests primarily (80%) on the other players in my team. It's a sobering thought.

The problem here is that with this Elo system poor players can be artificially "carried" by a good team while good players can be artificially "throttled" by a poor team.

So, to my suggestion: Make Elo = Player Skill. How is this done you ask? It's easy!

Make every kill and assist in a rated game count towards some positive value of your Elo rating.

Make every death in a rated game count toward some negative value of your Elo rating.

Factor in creep kills or any other trackable individual statistics to measure player skill. I am not suggesting that winning or losing the game be entirely without value in this Elo system. Winning would increase your Elo and losing would decrease it, However, winning and losing would not be the only criteria for an Elo change.

In this way I know my personal skill as a player will be more of a factor in my Elo and thus place me in a bracket with others closer to my own prowess.

Thank you!

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1. Its Elo, not ELO
2. This thread is new and original