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Pantheon players chat

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i think i pinpointed your problem.

yea i kinda ignored the "high elo" part since he's only 1341

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HSS is not useless, it does more damage to one target than Q does once you amass ~40 damage, even factoring in the extra second of stun time.

The consideration is of course, whether that extra second of stun would've prevented them from doing something that would've ensured their escape. Defensively, there is no difference because if you don't kill them via HSS in the first second then the second second wouldn't have killed them either.

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Dont play Pantheon in high ELO

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Yeah, I've been playing around alot with Pantheon, trying to find some viable strats for him.

Ghostblade works great.
Brutalizer even after getting ghostblade is fine too.
Fortitude elixir is really good. Eat these like candy.
Manamune is okay.
bloodthirster: I usually go for bloodthirster since its a rare fight for me to actually whale on someone. Bloodthirster isn't hard to charge up, makes your Q hit harder.

Quicksilver Sash works good if they have warwicks/malzahars/annoying cc. I see locicero running this item when he panths. I don't usually use though.

Masteries: I've been running 13/0/17. Gets you armor pen + allows you to run mana regen, improved move speed, improved ghost and flash.

Runes: I've been running 2 different sets depending if I decide on manamune or not.
red: armor pen
yellow: mana regen per 5(if not manamuning), hp per lvl if manamuning
blues: cdr if not manamuning, mana regen per 5 if manamuning
Quints: armor pen

I skip e basically keeping it at lvl 1. Spear is good, level it.

summoners: I run ghost flash most often. Teleport,exhaust, ignite, heals work okay too. Revive is actually viable on this champion. if your team is running a pretty strong pushing comp, being able to bd a tower, then revive and ulti is pretty useful.