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ELO penalties for leaving/dodging are not appropriate

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Whatever the ideal expectations are for their algorithms, the current results and implementation show us that:

- Players in "low ELO" are typically also leavers.
- Players in "low ELO" are bad players or players that feel ****ed to queue with leavers or players that will cause them to lose.
- As we approach "high ELO", the number of leaves diminishes.

This means that although leavers are indeed a problem, it could be said that the penalty is only unfair to those badly-rated players that would otherwise win with bad partners. Players that are, by rating, above low ELO do not have this problem and it is not unfair to them.

So how do you avoid falling into this unintended cesspool of suck? The current system leaves some interesting and obvious solutions.

- Don't queue dodge. Obviously. If you're on the edge of average rating and you can't adjust to your teammates' selections, then you will start your fall into the pit when you choose to surrender to your inflexibility. You deserve it.
- Don't try to be a solo player in the Duo Queue. This one's not so obvious and is due to the implementation by Riot and their idea of what competitive play should mean. If you're in low ELO, their system is designed around you getting out with the help of a friend. They care about results, not gameplay enjoyment. Being a duo queue impacts your gameplay in the correct direction, but with devastating results to your teammates: if you're a jerk, rest assyred that you and your partner will join your jerk counterparts (nice people don't leave games as it's discourteous to teammates) in "low ELO".

You literally have your teammates' fate in your hands when you queue dodge, whether toward good or for ill. Use Riot's implementation to exploit that direction toward the positive, for you. And if you're a troll, by all means, please use it toward the negative to drag down three people to the pits of ELO Hell -- a weakness this big is too great a troll tool to leave overlooked as acceptable.