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Tips to tank?

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I have always and will always primarily play a tank role in every single game I play, its just my nature. I like to be the one getting focused, I like to be the one standing in getting freaken abused, I enjoy being the first to die if it means my team scores an ace.

With that said, I think it takes a certain personality, maybe mindset to be a good tank. You have to be able to think ahead a few moments to be able to know what to expect in different scenarios.

Not to say tanking can't be taught. It is just going to be rather difficult to go from never tanking or playing tank like characters in games, to become an effective tank in LoL.

So here would be my tips to you. - (Shen is my main so my tips will be geared towards him)

1. Always always always know where ALL of your teamates are on the map and how much life/mana they have. Always be calling mia's, always buy wards and set them up for them, always be going towards them as soon as you sense danger.
a. Most of what it takes to be a good tank is to be involved in as many fights as possible, after all it is your job to keep people alive; how do you expect to do this if you are up alone in your own lane.
b. You are basically the team babysitter. You are the daddy, its you that is responsible for basically everything.

2. Be wise when initiating. Know when to initiate and know when not too. If you see that your team has an advantage because they have a jungler who is in bottom lane farming and you have all five and sona is mocking you for fun. Flash and taunt her face off so the rest of your team can hop in and own her. By the time Mr. jungler shows up, its usually for his own suicide.
a. If 2 champs at low health are coming at you when you have 2 others backing you up all at full health, its usually cause you are about to get ganked. Tell your team to split fast and make sure they split before you do, its a lot easier for you to escape after they have.
b. If a champion is off by himself and he is in the act of getting ganked by five. Unless your team is REALLY close. DO NOT blow your ult on him. Chances are he will die, you will die, then your team will filter in and.. bingo, die. IMO this was your fault.

3. With all that said. Be extremely extremely, extremely aggressive. In my opinion. The tank should be the most aggressive player on the team. Nothing is more frustrating and inhibiting to a team than playing with a pansy, flaky, non aggressive tank that avoids dropping below half health.
a. Personally, I love love love sticking around when i have 1/4 health because it gets the opponent that much more interested in focusing you. Then they over commit and try to run, then you taunt them, then they are dead and before you know it you aced their team.

Last thoughts. You are gonna make a lot of mistakes and probably feel like an idiot, but i tell you what, you will also improve and end up making some insanely good moves that will in turn win your team the game. Many other non-tank players can do amazing things and still lose a game. But if a tank does a few things very right, its almost a guaranteed win. The ultimate goal is to never make these dumb mistakes and win 90% of the time. If only I could have played Shen for every ranked game since season one launch. Oh boy, I'd have some tasty ELO.

I hope this helps you a little bit. Good Luck!

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Well, i can offer some tips on shen.

1. when the enemy is running towards you...DO NOT TAUNT THEM! i seen way too many shens wasting their energy on this. when they run FROM you is when u taunt
2. because you are shen, you should be insanely durable with your shield. it should be much easier build a path towards the squishies. do this by getting close inside the fight.
3. however, it is more vital to protect your squishies. taunt whoever is aiming for them, or shield your squishies, maybe even do both.
4. in the beginning of your game, if there is a zilean or some other damage over time character, its pretty much worth it to level your shield until lv3 or something.
5. revive is pretty useful on shen. it makes it into a sort of 6v5 team fight scenerio, with you gaining INSANE speed during this. however, note that its CD is insanely long (9min...)