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Game client screen not loading correctly

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It seems like sometimes the screen for the game client doesn't load correctly. Here are all of the symptoms:

1. You can see the whole screen (not an issue)
2. Your mouse, when in the center of the screen, is acting like it is at the far left border of the screen
a. It moves my screen to the left.
b. My mouse cannot move any further left
3. My mouse, when on the right side of my screen, acts like it normally would in the center of the screen
a. Does NOT move my screen back to the right.

I usually can reproduce this by having my Windows task manager open.
1. Open the windows task manager
2. Join a game, select a champion
3. When the game loads when you would normally select your first ability and buy your first item(s), this is when the bug is noticeable.

Work around:
1. Alt tab to something else.
2. Re-open the game

If this doesnt fix it, then closing the game via the task manager and reconnecting fixes it.

Hard to see from a screen shot, so wont bother posting one.

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me to.
please somebody help us