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I have the game downloaded on my laptop which uses Windows 7 Ultimate 32b.

So I putt he LOLSetup on a flash drive and put it on my PC which is running XP Home SP3.

I tried running the installer, and it went for about 2 minutes before giving me an error about AdobeAIR.

I hit ignore, hoping I could install AdobeAIR seperately, later. Well 5 minutes went by, and I got another error.

"CRC Error: The file doesn't match the file int he setup's .cab file."

Should I try to install the game again on this incredibly slow internet, or can I hit ignore again and continue to fix it later through patching?

Thanks in advance for any help/tips.

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Jesse Perring

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CRC errors usually result from corrupt downloads or broken hardware.

-You can try redownloading on the laptop and transfer it over again if you think something may have interrupted or interfered with the original download. There may also be corruption from transferring the file from your flash drives, although this seems unlikely.

-Another option is to download the game on the slow internet of your PC, which would eliminate any chance of transfer corruption, and probably any download corruption. If you still receive CRC errors when installing LoL, its possible there's a problem with your computer hardware. From that point, you might want to investigate a way to check your systems hard drive and memory for errors ( would be a place to start)

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in a command prompt you can run chckdsk
that will do a quick read only scan of your hard drive in about 5 minutes. if it finds errors you will want to run a more extensive test. let me know and I can give you the rest of the info then.

In addition to what Jesse said you may want to try downloading with an alternate browser.

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I've downloaded the installation file twice and had this error also. the first time it gave an error saying a certain file didn't match, now on my 2nd installation it's saying adobeair.exe doesn't match. it takes 3 hours to download this file, I've run chkdsk, and there are no problems with my HDD. I do have kaspersky av, but how/why would it affect this download and none of the other downloads I do daily?