Monitoring Online Players Stats

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I Request That I can monitor who is freaking online so that I dont have to loose my with less good player. It would be great and I'd enjoy my time playing that game if I could know if I should play at this precise moment or NOT.

I should be able to see : ( BTW You should do matchmaking in that order of priorities)

-% of currently online player that played less than 100 hours // between 100-250 // Between 250-500// Over 500

-% of currently online player that as a Kill(+assist) / Death ratio below 1/5 // 1/10 // 1/20

- % of currently online player in you AREA ( for exemple : North America : East coast : 4654654135 online) SO you can manage when it is more expected to play with Kids that dont careand arent at school playing LoL screwing my timeplay