Matchmaking issues

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I've had a larger number of issues with matchmaking games giving an unfair advantage to the enemy team due to the new honor system and I'd like someone to hear me out on this. The situation starts in matchmaking, where the enemy team sees my team's champion selections in solo/duo que, and notices my honor badge, and maybe honorable opponent badges of others on my team. If someone happens to dodge on the enemy team, and I am faced with the same opponents, 3 of our clutch champions will be banned instead of typical bans. The enemy recognizes the honor badges, especially if someone with the badge is banning again and bans the same or similar champions, and can pick off our champions. I don't mind having an honorable badge, but I'd like to prevent it from giving me away. My best suggestion would be to prevent the same opponents from appearing in the enemy que for at least 3 ques or matches.

I hope this is the right place to post such a suggestion. If someone has additional suggestions, feedback, or knows where this post should be instead of on this thread, please feel free to comment. I certainly would appreciate any feedback from riot staff as well.

Have a good day, enjoy your matches =)