Calling all promumu's. Help this nub!♥

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I've played jungle Riven only and am dying to learn how to jungle Amumu. So, if anyone out there has the knowledge to this jungler, please do share your knowledge!

I do have sets of questions which you can answer if you desire. Any answer would be very helpful!

1. How fast is Amumu's jungle clear time?

2. Around what minute should he be level 4?

3. If I miss the Q landing, should I just go back to my jungle?

4. I noticed I'm very mana dependent, do I have to give blue to my mid laner?

5. Whenever I play Amumu jungle, i get counter jungled a lot of times. How do I prevent counter junglers?

6. I follow SoloMid build- Cloth 5 -> Shoe -> HoG -> finish shoe -> Aegis -> etc.

Is this a fine build for Amumu? What do I pursue after Aegis?

7. I tried jungling once and reached level 11~12 around 15min into the game if fed, is this fine or could I have done faster jungling?

8. My masteries are 0/21/9. Runes are magic pen. Reds, armor yellows, MR/level blues, GP Quints. Is this fine? Or should I add AP runes?

This is all I can think of at the moment, and any help would be lovely!

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start with boots and 3 hp pots because you should have plenty of armor from your runes/masteries.
armor reds, armors yellows, mr per lvl blues and move speed quints. with this set up i can reach wraiths (for the second time) before they spawn. you should be lvl 4 before or at the same time as your and top/mid lanes. so his clear time is pretty quick.

boots and 3 > phil stone > hog > merc treds (if other team has heavy cc) from there you can go into your "core" items. shurelyas rev, aegis, abyssal scepter & frozen heart. you can also get a rylas late game for fun but by then the game will be over if your team is doing well.

as far as getting counter jungled goes.. that's really up to your bot to handle by camping red at the start of the game. i hardly get counter jungled when i play mumu strictly because his clear times are so fast and with those movement speed quints you should be able to boogie around the map nicely. hope this helps!