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suggestion for required "dodging"

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I was once again playing a ranked game and members of my team were talking to each other in very harsh tones. They both picked "top" charecters and proceded to call each other noob refusing to attempt to communicate let alone work with our team.

Knowing that this game would be 20 frustrating minutes of them yelling at each other and my team losing, I chose to "dodge" this game. After this I was forced to wait the 30 minute period due to leaving a game in the champion selection phase.

I suggest that in this situation the option for a team to "veto" a game based on other's inability to agree, similar to the surrender vote, This way, if the majority of the team believes the actions of one player or a group of players will lower their experience during the game, a majority vote could leave the entire team out of the situation without the punishment that seemed undeserved in this case.

Thank you,