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Honor System Suggestion

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GTH Sora

Junior Member


I do not know if anyone has post this as of yet, but I would like to make a few suggestions regarding the recent honor system. Riot may be already working on it and have posted up some patch notes, but I am not aware because I do not read those. I will list my suggested ideas in order from most important to least (ended up not really a list but bunch of ideas).

1) They should put limits on how honor is given out. I heard and witness players, not pointing fingers, constantly giving honor to the same player(s); I have not tested this, but I think you can award honor to the same player many times with no limit. This is usually the case in pre-made teams. I mean what can possibly go wrong by honoring everyone each game whether they win or lose, deserve it or not. If this happens the honor system is useless; just another decoration. My friend saw this guy with this neat honor badge, and we assumed he got it because he had lots of honor and therefore is an honorable player... Guess what? He leaves the game after dying once... truly honorable is it not? Of course right? so that he would not be feeding any more! nice deduction Watson!
2) With that said, I got this neat idea from Nexon's Maplestory! I like how their fame system has limits, so players can not abuse it. This makes fame actually worth something and players have to work for it. Not just make many accounts and fame themselves. (a) Maplestory has a level 15 requirement before you can fame others, using this idea I believe Riot should also add a level requirement, lets say 20 so that players do not abuse it too much. And this might actually stop those very few people who might make several accounts just to get honor from them, if, when Riot does put limit a player to honor the same person only once in a while. This limit I want to take from the fame system also. Maplestory allows a player to only fame the same person once a month. This makes sure players won't abuse it, but still allows them to fame someone worthy of it every so often if they do meet once again.

This is getting a bit lengthy, so to summarize:
a) Limit available honor given out per day, 5? 10? The point is make it not limitless
b) Allow players to honor same person once a month. Once again, once a month is only a possible suggestion.
c) Only allow level 20 and up to use honor system. This should not be anything new, e.g. Lv 5 to use chat room, Lv 20 for Tier 3 runes, Lv 30 for ranked matches, etc.

Well that about summarizes my first post on the forums. Enough ranting from me. I shall go try to put an end to my losing streak.

Edit: Oh btw, if any of these were to be implemented that would be great. I also recommend resetting everyone's honor to a fresh start but it is not really required.