[Champion Remake] Corki

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I am creating 2 remakes of Corki. One, a true AD Carry, which I am submitting as my entry into the Champion Remake Contest, and a better, AP Carry Corki, though he currently should be considered one based on his scalings and damage types.....>.<


Health: 375 (+82)
Health Regen: 4.5 (+0.55)
Mana*: 243 (+37)
Mana Regen*: 4 (+0.35)
Armor: 13.5 (+3.5)
Magic Resist: 30
Movespeed: 300
Attack Damage: 48.2 (+3)
Attack Speed: 0.658 (+2.3%)
Range: 550

*= is only for the AP Corki

The only thing I changed is that AD Corki will be fury based, exactly like Renekton in that at 50 fury, his abilities get bonuses.

AD Corki

Passive: Hextech Shrapnel Shells
Corki's auto-attacks deal 10% of attack damage, as additional true damage to minions, monsters, and champions. Additionally, Corki starts with 0 fury, and has a cap of 100 fury. He gains 5 fury per autoattack. When out of combat for 12 seconds, Corki loses 5 fury every 2 seconds. Having sufficient fury (50) empowers Corki's abilities with bonus effects, but this drains that amount of fury.

Q: Daisy Cutter

Corki shoots a Daisy Cutter into the air, that drops on target area after 1.5 seconds to deal 25/50/75/100/125 (+60% Bonus AD) to all in area and slow by 45% for 1 second.

At 50 fury, it stuns for 1 second and reduces armor by 15% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 10
A.o.E. Radius: 250
Range to center of A.o.E.: 800

W: Barrel Roll

Corki performs a forward thrusting Barrel Roll, shooting all the while, dealing damage to all enemies in a line in front of him for the duration of the Roll. Deals 30/40/50/60/70 (+70% total AD) per second to enemies in the line. Corki dashes 800 units and deals damage to all enemies within a 500 unit length, 50 unit width line in front of him.

At 50 fury, deals damage in 150 unit wide line.

E: Gatling Gun

At 50 fury, Armor shred is doubled.

R: Missile Barrage

Same as current, but change damage scaling.

Original- Magical damage: 120/190/260 (+30% AP) (+20% AD)
The Big One- Magic damage: 180/285/390 (+45% AP) (+30% AD)

New- Magic Damage: 120/190/260 (+50% AD)
Big One- Magic Damage: 180/285/390 (+75% AD)

AP Corki

Q remains, all else changed.

Passive: Enchanted bullets- Corki's bullets have been etched with mystic runes, causing them to deal 10% of Corki's AP in magical damage every 3rd Auto-attack.

W: Valkyrie
Upon casting, Corki will take to the sky and continuously drop bombs below him, dealing 30/45/60/75/90 (+20% AP) to all below him every half second. Can move while toggled.

Mana cost per second: 15
Cooldown: 1.2

E: Smoking Tailpipe-
Corki revs up his engine, increasing his movespeed. Increases by 5/10/15/20/25% per enemy champion within 400 units for 5 seconds.

Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 20

R: Missile Barrage
Same as original, changed scaling from (+30% AP) (+20% AD) and (+45% AP) (+30% AD) on the Big One to (+50% AP) and (+75% AP) on the Big One.