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Teacher said write a prose poem in the form of _____ of ______. Guess what I did.

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Patch of August
The patterns on that stony fountain– all too familiar. But why leave, when that voice was so comforting, always welcoming him to those rifts. Something that would never change, along with everything else. The fog of war dampened those fields. For the wardens within the climbing blades of grass could not see beyond the veil of black. We all sought that gift, one of clairvoyance. And yet it was seldom shown, not since they undermined its worth. Times of healing and clarity fell in favor to the flash of purging flame. However stale, it must be done. It was that kind of place. That looming figure hovering beside the river asked me. Heroes and champions were never the same. Everyone’s a hero until you shoot off a leg or two. And tides of blood flowed from such a sanguine pool. Requiem could only follow cataclysm.

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Noblesse oblige.