Problem with this game in the past 4 1/2 months thats just getting worse

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i posted about this a few times the last 4 months about how the game lags nonstop about 15-20 mins in the game and only stop when i log off and log back on. it rarely happens now but it happens sometimes. then i would get suspended because the game would already be over before i try to log back on again.

today, ive been trying to start a game in almost an hour. In ranked games when its about to load the game after we pick our champs, the game doesnt load. so i would have to restart the comp 3 times. when i finally start the game, it freezes and says its gonna disconnect me because i was inactive for a long time when really the game was froozen for a long time. then later, the game says its gonna suspend me AGAIN for the second time this month.

ive been playing this game since mid 2010 and it seems like this game has been having more problems and its only the last 4 months that im experiencing this. im sure you guys can see how i dont play this game as much as i used too by seeing my game history. I just hate being suspended because the game thinks ive been afk or logging off when really i'm not. i enjoy this game a lot but it just sucks being suspended when im not trying to go afk or leave game.