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Do your job riot

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hey you wanna do your jobs for once riot? i mean you guys have so much problems going on. stop being useless and do your jobs. you arent getting paid for nothing. in fact you incompetent fools should be fired and actually be replaced by workers who ACTUALLY do their jobs.

I will have to admit that Riot seems to have slacked off during the World Finals. Just because you have 20 peole making sure the tourney goes well doesn't mean you should not keep your game running smoothly. During World Finals week Tuesday's Free to Play Champ rotation was delayed by 18 hours. We should get something for that. IDC what that something is. Maybe double IP for 24 hrs like back in June. Or some free RP or a new free skin like the Tristana & Alistar ones for liking and subing to youtube/ facebook. Also the fake wait to enter game because high pop ques. When I had three friend log in at the exact same time as me and got in no problem but I had a 20 minute que after getting D/C'd from a match same as them. Cost me all my IP for the match and we lost the match. Pls fix your **** Riot. This is the reason Blizzard has 16 million subs and you dont.