Kha'Zix Auto attack Glitch

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I've run into a major issue with Kha'zix's auto attack. I notice this mainly when I'm jungling with him. But when attacking minions or nuetral farm creatures usually occuring after an ability is used, specifically his "W" I think. But it seems as though it cancel his future auto attacks until clicking the minion again to force an auto attack. This has gotten me killed on many occations. I would think I was auto attacking Ancient Golem or something of that nature and be lighting a cigarette and then find myself dead because after using his "W" Kha'zix would just stand there stationary and not attack the creature attacking him. If anyone else has noticed this bug pls comment so that Riot can notice this problem and fix it. I know I can't be the only one so pls come forward with your issues of simular nature. Thanks for your time ~KrataDaBeast

~Kha'Zix "If I eat you, will I learn how to die?"