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Would this work on a support role?

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If you have all the gold in the world for Lux, just a standard AP mid build would be awesome. But realistically, supports are severely limited in gold and one should pick champs that can bring a lot to a fight without much gold. That really means utility as you don't need an Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Bloodthirster, and Last Whisper to lock someone down, slow, stun, pop up, or to displace. Realistically, you get can probably get boots and 2 legendary items at level 18 so what you get throughout the process matters a lot.

Your build being:

1. Mercury's Treads - This is fine
2. Rod of Ages 3035g - 1300g to get catalyst which then does... NOTHING!!!
3. Warmog's Armor 3000g - Crazy expensive giants belt that does.... NOTHING!!! (plus no creeps to get health bonus)
4. Atma's Impaler - Does nothing the whole time!!!
5. Manamune - That tear of goddess for mana maybe, but then all that other **** does NOTHING...

Alternative ultra cheap build:

1. Philo Stone - 800g - Get some gold, spam some harass with mana/hp regen.
2. Heart of Gold - 825g - More gold, some tankyness
3. Glacial Shroud 1525g - CDR for even more harass and utility, some tank
4. Kindlegem - 850g - CDR and some more tankyness
5. Boots are boots...

You would literally have all of this while on your build you'd only have Rod of Ages which does nothing to help out your AD. You miss your lockdown once and the fight is over cuz your cooldowns are never gonna end and you're just running for your life and being a liability. That whole time you were walking around with a catalyst was you being a target practice dummy that has to b a lot cuz you'd run out of mana and can't regen any health, then you spent a bunch of gold on a blasting rod which then you can ult a little harder to ks your AD but still can't lock anyone down cuz you can't spam your lockdown with no CDR... So then you become a 1 trick pony that can do 1 very weak combo, then just run cuz you then just become a free kill. Hate it. Don't do it.

Yes I know that supports are for utility. But maybe a support can do both jobs. The reason why I thought of this is because of Lux. Even though I play her as a support and not ap, she still does a lot of damage. So I thought of a build that could possibly give supports survivability with some amount of damage.

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Best place to try this out would be in ARAM when you happen to roll a support, though I'm not sure how well you could do with the hp/atmas stacking in this. Personally I like tanky items and magic penetration on supports so you can both stick around and contribute some dps, but you can still get items that help your team in that regard. Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Aegis of the Legion, and Abyssal Scepter all aid in tankyness and the latter two in damage. Throwing in a Triforce for tons of damage somewhere in there is all right to.

I've seen "AD" sonas that rush Triforce or Manamune do rather well before, to a certain extent being hard for the enemy to deal with you comes down to differences between the different supports as well. Of course, when you actually play the roll of support in Summoner's Rift it largely comes down to how well your champion can do with as little items as possible regardless of weather or not the champion is classified as a "support".