Aura Toggle

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I have recently started buying Sunfire Cape more often on Riven, and I am realizing that I do not have a good grasp of how much area it covers and where it ends in moving battles. I think it would be extremely helpful if we had the option to toggle the range circles permanently on so we could see where auras were in team fights. In addition to making it easier to keep my Sunfire Cape dealing continuous damage to the enemy without exposing myself any more than necessary, I think this would also make it easier to figure out how to avoid being caught in enemy auras, how to stay in your allies support auras, and how to cut the enemy off from their support auras. The current system of mousing over the items helps, but it is very limited during play when everything is moving and you cannot afford to mouse over your aura item to check its range so I think the ability to toggle it permanently on should be a good improvement that is not too hard to program into the game.

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