Kayle Bot Support Viable?

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The title should pretty well describe what I have in mind. I starting the game playing as Kayle and moved on to other supports such as Alistar and recently Lulu, both of which I enjoy but I started to consider playing Kayle again in this role considering my grasp of the game has greatly improved.

Should I give her a shot on bot as support and if so what suggestions might you have concerning partners/items/runes/strategies?

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Kayle is my second favored support, after Sona. Reason being after the other healers have been nerfed for the millionth time, and Kayle left alone, her healing power is actually stronger than Soraka's. That's a big deal. Also, come on--infinite power ultimate, the only way I've ever successfully protected my carry from things like Blitz pull; or quadruple ganks.

Also, her E is totally bull****. Hold the phone on all the math formulas, theory crafting, and Mobafire builds out there for just one minute. Her E gives her 60 ****ing damage for free. So while your carry goes back to buy, you can literally just waltz up and start dueling the enemy carry and win. Think about it. A BF Sword is only worth 45 damage.

So anyways. I typically start E, but max W first, into Philo Stone, HoG, then the rest into Wards and Oracle's. You don't really need items when your character is already stronger then the enemy carry. CDR boots are nice, but Berserker's Greaves gives a huge boost to damage on a role where gold is already tight. And if the game keeps dragging on, just pick up things like Aegis, Shurelia's, maybe a Rageblade if you want to feel useful in teams fights.