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Draft Pick Bans - Limited Ban Possibilities

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Junior Member


During the champion selection screen of a practice Draft Pick in Summoner's Rift or The Twisted Treeline, The only possible bans for each team are the current week's free champions. This indeed limits the possible bans to 10 different champions.

Steps to Reproduce:

Logged into the Game Client
Clicked on "Play Game."
Click on "Custom Game"
Click on "Create Game"
Select "Draft Pick" from the drop down list
Click "Create"
Start the game
Entered Champion Selection Page
Notice that the only bannable champions are the current week's free champions

Attached is a screenshot of the ban possibilities following the reproduction steps.

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Junior Member


Have you bought any champions? When you play a draft pick, you cannot ban champions that no player has access to. If all player (in this case, you) do not have access to non-free champions, you won't be able to ban them.

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General Mustache

Senior Member


Bans in draft mode are limited to the champions available to the enemy team. Since the enemy team is non-existent in the screenshot you provided, this list of potential bans would only include the free week champions. Adding bots to the game would have the same effect since it does not increase the champion pool of the enemy team (Chosen bots cannot be banned).