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General thoughts on Season 2 play offs.

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I want to start off by saying that so far season 2 finals have been totally awesome. Even though i'm not there i can see how much effort you've put into creating an awesome arena for LoL players which i feel like so far no other games have dedicated so much time and effort into. Really shows you're in it to win it.

The only thing that has really been bothering me isThe downtime between matches. After the casters are done speaking their mind there seems to be this wierd silence or a loop of the music that can get really annoying. It would be nice to see a little information as to what's going on. Like new match starting in 00:00. Or a video? Some bubblepop?

Also as much as i love the on stage announcers that whole process always seems a little unplanned uncoordinated and awkward. It just seems disorganized and comes off as odd to me. Almost a little cringeworthy awkward if that makes any sense.

Otherwise so far the games have been great. The shoutcasters have been doing an amazing job and i can't wait to see the final match on Saturday. Gonna be throwing a LoL party where all your midwestern fans who couldn't come can watch the big game superbowl style :P.

Thanks for being awesome Riot and keep on keepin' on <3