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Junior Member


I think riot should make other players viable. I-m preety sure lots of people are tired of same bans and picks in tournaments.

who should riot start with:


note: this champs have never been seen in a tournament.

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balancing a million champs isnt possible...in fact im kinda annoyed at how many champs there are to select from its really impossible to manage.
but anyway...teemo and garen probably arent bad...lots of bans/champs are jsut inspired by which champs the top players jsut happen to play and get good with...doesnt mean other champs are bad jsut means the top players didnt want to play them for whatever reason....and top players also influence eachother, and that trickles down to lower levels.
I wouldnever play teemo or garen personally...not because they are bad...but because teemo is jsut too dorky looking...and garen seems so stupid looking...especially with that stupid whirlwind move. I want my champs to look awesome while they kill stuff...thats why i like lux, cassiopeia, shen, etc.

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You mean like how they remade Garen earlier this year, but do it better? I'm open for ideas and all, but you have to propose a fix.