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Good Jungler/Top Fairly competitive mid LF duo/team ranked INFO BELOW

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Hey guys, recently my duo partner that I was grinding elo with has gone mia and I'm still wanting to play ranked but need a new duo partner. I usually duo mid + jungle or top+mid top+jungle.
I play alot of normals because the people I play with are casual players, lately I've felt the need to branch out and show my real potential that I'm not being able to do so playing normals with my friends that feed/rage/deny the fact that they need to learn.
I've been playing league for around 2 years, season 1 I jumped into ranked when I hit level 30 (didn't know what the hell was going on) and went 6-20 and then stopped ranked for many months. I came back season 2 and I'm sitting at 34-41 856 elo, (we grinded around 300 rating in about 2 weeks together). Elo to me doesn't show your skill, I consider myself a very decent player but because of my actions I've been stuck at this elo and frowned upon.
I have varying game exp, I'm a retail WoW gladiator ex sponsored player by RuinGaming/Slashfacepalm, I've competed against alot of the big sponsored companies in the gaming world as of right now over the years, I'm very accustomed to competitive playstyles of games. I retired my WoW career because I got way too serious and just wanted to relax and have a life. But now, I want to pursue LoL and see what I can do with my ELO while having some fun.
I'm always trying to improve in this game, but playing with my friends is not letting me. I'm a very positive player and have carried many non-english speaking feeders of my elo to victory just by playing the game out positively and doing as much for my team as I can.
I like to use skype/raidcall only.
On the weekdays I'm usually available a few hours a day, maybe more if needed. On weekends it just depends but I can usually dish in alot of gameplay.
Add me and try me out or just play some normals. I'm really determined to start getting better and becoming a good league player at all costs.
A little to know about me I guess? I'm 16, from USA, I've been a PC gamer since I was able to walk basically. I think I have great potential and would love to prove it.
IGN cjohnston or skype cjswitch99
Add me and lets play!