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Evolution Of War

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I hate to bother about a Champ most likely in testing ATM... But I'm anxious.

Is Lux, the supposed next champ, going to lean more towards Caster or Support. I heard earlier a bit of support but no heals... Although I would prefer offensive caster, I would just like to know the direction of her role.

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Cat-Girl ez? when is this happening?


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1. Malphite is too situational and without a Sunfire or any other armor build, his survivability and damage are very lacking in the absence of armor. If facing a team that does mostly magic damage this is a problem. Also because of his anti-carry ability more flexible champions will simply build magic damage when facing Malphite. Making him too easy to counter.

I don't really feel this is all that true. I agree with most of your other points though. If you look back a few pages he responded to me about some malphite stuff. I would also dislike personally making seismic shard scale with attack (I personally play magic pen/pseudo AP/survivability malphite), buuuut then again it might actually be better with boost from W even with my usual malph build... I guess q scaling off attack would open more builds, that's true.

If there's one thing they look into about Malphite though, I feel it'd have to be his ground pound. I swear the radius lies something fierce when people are running.

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Racist Grandpa

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Uhmm... God I hate all the crypticiying (is that even a word?)

We practiced using Karel in school a while back and I rocked but I have an odd feeling its not quite good enough when thinking about coding, anywho, my question is, do you know Karel and have you ever used it?

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Loli Doc

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Hey Ez, did you happen to find out who voiced Nasus?

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Are you gonna make a skin for Ezreal based on this guy?


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Hey Ezreal. Are there any plans on more spectacular Ults(animation wise)?

Like... Chronos' Ult from HoN. I'm so excited everytime he ults D:

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I would love Cat Girl ezreal skin >.>

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I have always tought that Kassadin is way too fragile late game and extremely ineffective against any tanky champs. A few hits will get kassadin out of bussiness and dps carries own kassadin late game,since silence is no good vs champs like yi, akali or fortune.

Taking into account that Kass takes a lot of skill, do you have any intention to change any of kassadin skills so he can match dps carries late game or increasing his survivability?


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Senior Recruiter


When is The CHAAAAAMP getting his buff/remake?(dont know what are you planing on doing to him) You said in the firsts pages of the thread that he was getting some love, but Im just curious.... Is He gonna be ready soon? for what you said I though that this patch(Swain's patch) was the one for The CHAAAAMP as well, or at leeeeast for Teemo(you said you love the change to his ulti, so I assumed he was ready). Are they gonna be ready anytime soon?(can you tell? haha) And what about Eve?(Im just a fan of Jax but still Teemo and Eve have been in the "They reeeeeeallly need a buff" list for quite a long time too).

Oh I almost forgot....... You are awesome! I couldn't believe when I read that you were the one who designed Ezreal, Kog'maw and Vladimir!!! And that you like hybrid Ezreal! haha I can't stand to play AD Ezreal, I need to have a super powerful ulti.... And just love the damage of Arcane Shift.....

If you do have some kind of recomendation(some book or something) about designing it would be much appreciated!(Im interested in Dracius question ^^).

We tested out a bunch of changes on Jax, however we settled on doing two larger changes on him...you'll see very soon. Eve is in the same situation, we'll push her out the minute we feel comfortable with her.

Unfortunately I haven't read any books on design, though I have been very lucky to have senior designers like Zileas who have been able to teach me about design as we go.

Dear Ezrael

1st:I main Ez and i build him hybrid and i gotta say IT ROCKS!!!(Philosopher's stone,Guisoo,Boots,Black Cleaver,Hextec gunblade, frozen mallet), i end up rly well.

2nd:I also enjoy playing heimer and i was a bit disapointed about his nerf(I still play him tho), the question is:Was the nerf really necessary?
I mean heimer gets countered by anyone with any sort of AoE(like morg or nasus) or any guy with a hit and run ability(Karth, Sivir gp,etc).

Well, we nerfed Heimer not necessarily because he was too powerful, rather we nerfed him because he was too annoying. He was being banned every game because no one wanted to play against him. I'm sure he'll get buffs eventually, they just won't be in ways that will bring back that 'annoying to play against gameplay'.

Hi Ezreal.

What is your opinion on adding an item similar to DotAs Aghanim's Scepter to LoL, possibly only effecting mage champions, or even all. What would you add to the ults of the champions you've made if this were added? Any special effects (not just lower cd/higher dmg) like Balanar/Pudges upgraded ult?

Guinsoo and I considered it a long time ago, but we ultimately decided against it. It was just such a large amount of work for adding just a single item to the game, and it was work that would have to be continued for all future champions. Additionally, LoL doesn't have the same caster problems that Dota has, we have cooldown reduction, ability power, magic pen, and the ability to add more effects to casts.

Nice to see employees responding to posts =/ I'm looking for a logical Pantheon buff. Aegis doesn't protect some spells/abilities that are so blatantly obvious that a shield could block them =/ Also it is a bit tricky to work a slow in to your dps rotation on panth if you shield+heart seeker. They are already running =/

Pantheon is a tough nut to crack, I'm not entirely sure how we are going to make him more consistent where it is currently broken (I'm worried that it may be due to a system issue).

Hi Ezreal,

Thanks a ton for responding to our questions! Mine concerns a comment you made in this thread saying that a TF buff (rework?) is "in the queue." Could you say a little more about what you think the current state of TF is and possible ways fix him?

Thanks again!

We're likely going to buff Blue card in the near future since it stinks to have a card which has low utility. A larger change (which would include his global teleport) is much further off.

More evil lookin skins for Ezreal please, hes my main..but the skins are boring compared to others..thxs

I'll keep that in mind.

1st slightly increase the area of effect on his ground slam.
2nd slightly decrease his ult cool down and or add a bit to it like a very small stun on impact also i would suggest a tiny radius increase to the area of effect here too.
4th add magic small resistance gains per level like many other front line champions have. This will account to his lower health and armor base stats that was brought up by another player
5th slightly increase his movement speed 310 to 315 is still slow for a non ranged champion but, an improvement none the less. If not increasing his base make his shard slow scale different start a bit higher and end around the same place at 30% and slightly reduce the cooldown.

1) I just checked this out, and it is actually 10% larger than pulverize (though there was a bug which affected what it looked like, making it looker smaller than it was).
2) I'm hitting this
3) Good point, though I don't see any changes for it incoming
4) Magic Resist per level is for melee dps champs and special cases, I think Malphite's passive shield makes him enough of a tank to not fall into this category
5) I would consider doing this, but instead we opted to reduce Q's cooldown by Q so you could get it's benefits more often =-D

Sagee Prime:
What do you think of flash and it's ability to pop projectiles? I would think of it as more of an offensive spell if it didn't have the pop particle attached to it but it is both able to land you in good position for a kill and a clean getaway from some thing as big as primordial burst.

Also I don't know if you ever run into teams that like to stack defense summoner spells but I have run into teams that like to stack ghost flash and or cleanse. These spells by them selves are all right in my opinion but when they are combined in any of these ways mainly always having ghost enemies can be almost imposible to kill. That being said the team that lives more is normally the team that ends up winning the game.

So have you guys ever though of doing anything to prevent stacking spells like this?
I had an idea of giving two to three summoner spell slots but making them specific types of spells you could get like so:

Offense: Ignite, exhaust, promote, Smite

Defense: cleanse, heal, flash, ghost, teleport, Clarity, Clairvoyance


Offense: Ignite, exhaust, promote

Defense: cleanse, heal, flash, ghost

Utility: teleport, Clarity, Clairvoyance, smite, promote

what are your thoughts?

one last though. If you recall the bugs i presented with nidalee(which I have posted in the bugs section many times) do you think that the smart cast system could be screwing with nidalees abilities during her transformation causing the bugs like healing herself droping traps under herself and throwing the javelin behind herself? and what do you honestly think of nidalee?

I also noticed that the new artwork for ashe is in champ select and champ info but not in loading screen and that evelyn remake text is on all her abilites but she doesn't actually have the said rework.

We added Flash popping projectiles because it was a high skill cieling ability which we really dug. Though in retrospect it may be too defensive oriented. We are still looking at what we want flash to do in the long run.

Summoner Spell Idea - Neat idea, I'll pass it on.

Honestly I haven't played Nidalee in awhile, I'll have to try her out and get back to you.

The new Ashe art was pretty neat (I didn't even know it was coming). As for Eve, that was a fault on our part. We basically pulled her update from the outgoing patch and missed her tooltips file =-P.

Captain Kris:
Mr Ezreal,

do you think that you could add a "future" champion in this game or do you think he/she would be too out of place in this semi medieval world

like you could give a guy maybe prophet skills from dota give him/her tp, spawn units, a trapping spell and a laser cannon that jumps from hero to hero in a team fights like chain frost used by lich in dota

but i do remember that liches ult was considered very op in dota cuse of the huge dmg output even without ap of LoL

I think we already have enough 'futuristic' type entities in our world that we don't need someone from the future. For example, Hextech currently exists in Rune'Terra, and it is even futuristic in terms of today's tech standards.


You mentioned that some underpowered champions such as Jax, Evelynn, etc. are receiving buffs very soon. You also stated that Tryndamere does need some help in an earlier post. I love playing Tryndamere, but in higher ELO play, he tends to be shut down frequently, or ignited at the end of his ultimate, often resulting in death. Will we see any Tryndamere buffs / rework very soon? If so, are you aiming more toward buffing his abilities, or reworking his abilities all together?

Thank you very much in advance.

Tryndamere will receive light buffs in the near future, but he is quite a bit out from any major rework. Basically he is lacking anti CC, but if we gave it to him then he would become unstoppable. Thus we are at an impasse.

Kama Toki:
What is your opinion on Human Anivia?

(or Arctic Udyr, With Penguin, Snow-Leopard, Polar bear and Anivia Stances)

I like it, but as a producer it would cost too many resources to make that big of a skin. Neat idea for Udyr btw, I dig it!


Well, i'm pretty sure you get asked by this a lot, but any chances of a slight Mystic Shot buff to the champion, Ezreal, in the near future (or distant i guess)? I'm think a small +1 to his base damage (not his damage increase per level) and a small damage increase to his Mystic Shot from 35/55/75/95/105 -> 40/60/80/100/120 or either one...just my idea. I sorta feel like it's not doing much damage even at early game imo. Call me a QQer, but its just how I feel.

We'll be testing out giving Essence Flux a 50% damage to minions in this next patch. I want to hold off on other buffs until we solidify this one.