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What are some other elemental mage archetypes that we have missed out on?

Hey Ez, how about an earth mage that uplifts an arena (like jarvan's ult) but instead of trapping enemys and allies alike... Rises an area of terrain with aura buffs/nerfs and enemys may choose between fighting on it or falling and taking damage and slow?

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We have rarely had success with ability power champions focusing on auto attacks (Kennen is one of the few). That being said, I do definitely think we could try out a full out AP auto attacker. It would certainly mess with the meta in the bottom lane...hmmm, saying that out loud reminds me that I really wanted to try that... I wonder what sort of thematic archetype would fit the role of AP auto attacker. Ideas?

Robot with lasers(pew pew)
Jedi(well not really but just wanted to say it)
An elemental
A demi-god/demon/Angel (angel is already kind of taken)
A ghost/specter
Someone or something wielding an ethereal weapon
Someone or something that is clearly a mage/witch/wizard(lizard)
A caster that deals auto attack damage primarily through minion attacks(has no auto attack)

Tbh, Lulu and her Pix has a kind of thematic look and auto attack that justifiably could have made her an AP auto attacker.

Kayle is the closest example of an 'AP auto attacker' at the moment. She has a rather clear indicator that she does magic damage as an auto attack because her attack range and animation changes.

Evelynn would have to be the other example. Even though it is technically not an auto attack, hate spikes runs to about the same effect as an ap auto attack. The splash in both Evelynn and Kayle's cases make it more believable.

Elise, Orianna, Cho' Gath, and Teemo are a bit deceptive with their magic damage auto attacks.

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WTF Shredder

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Can we please see Zelos or Tempus the community has been clamoring for them >.>

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How do you feel about a storybook Giant champion? One of the most popular and known archetypes in games, childhoods and books yet missing from this game. Might be a little biased considering I am 6'10, but it would be pretty nice to have a physical representation of myself in the game rather than Renekton and Pantheon representing Rage and Honor.

I spitballed some ideas here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3046054

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Replies to pages 631-640.

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

Caitlyn used to spawn brush? 0_o Could I ask how this was intended to work thematically and what sort of gameplay it was meant to add by itself or along with her kit?

Any word on the champion you were asking twitter about, the elemental themed animal like Anivia?

Any word on what has happened to all the old champion designers? You've explained what you've been doing but Coronach has been gone for ages as well as Guinsoo (he's surely been up to more than just the Karma remake) and others.

As for suggestions for lore in the game, champs need to reference each other left right and center, the current interactions feel more like easter eggs more than anything else when they should be seriously ingrained into champion dialogue. Yes this would increase champion dialogue 100 fold (not to mention the trouble retroactively adding in more dialogue both for current old champions and future champions) but if lore is being taken seriously I think it needs to happen.

1) Well, I wanted a 'fake brush' sort of gameplay. Something that would feel similar to the 'fake treasure cubes' from mario cart. Where players see it and feel that something is out of place. I also wanted her to have a way to trigger her passive (don't forget that Caitlyn was made back when AD carries were mid lane, so she didn't have a lot of access to brush).

2) I'll talk about him more later, but the elemental hydra was a short lived idea that was ultimately passed on.

3) Most of the old school champion designers are helping out all across the company. For example, Geeves now leads the Live team!

4) Agreed, I would love to see more champion VO (voice over) interaction.

Australian servers. Answer this question and gain eternal respect from a whole country of gamers

I'm afraid I don't know anything about this topic. But if there is a large playerbase there then I am sure that we will try to help out the players as soon as possible.

I got into a discussion with CertainlyT about this concept.

Is there a champion in the works planned to be a 'Pure' Jungler, like Skarner or Nocturne?

It turns out there aren't really any true junglers. Most of the traits players need to jungle are very applicable to the top lane. For example, I play Nocturne as purely a top lane champion!

Fox P McCloud:
Ezreal, can we ever expect to see another melee carry? In the over 3 years LoL has been out we've only ever got one other one (Fiora), and all melee carry viable is highly questionable--not only this, it's the most ignored class in the game (only 3 characters total; GP got morphed into a fighter long ago), and they're all the most homogenous group in the game; they all have sustain, an AD steroid, gap closer, survivability steroid, and an MS/AS steroid (tryn has an AoE slow and crit chance instead), and some form of low to moderate AoE damage---additionally, all 3 are sword users.

Are we doing to have to wait another 3 years to get a melee carry or wait until another major game overhaul for melee carries to be viable or should melee carry enthusiasts just move on?

We want to explore the melee dps class more. But to be honest, it is pretty dang hard. High dps classes are generally glass cannons, champions who are capable of dealing high amounts of dps while also not able to take high amounts of damage. The best way of dealing with this is range. Thus, melee range champions fail on this aspect almost instantly. So we end up having to create short scenarios where they can output their dps (Master Yi's Highlander, Fiora's Bladewaltz). That being said, we are looking at making a new melee dps. But it will take time as it is a very difficult class to figure out.

Hey Ezreal, I'm going to start of by saying Final Fantasy is my favorite set of games ever. On this note, consider the Red Mage: useful in offensive magic, defensive magic, and swordsmanship; but a master of none. Now consider the recent new unique passive "Spellblade" and see where I am going with this. A melee champion with an AD and AP ratio kit (not on the same skills) that relies on using spell effects modifying his auto to sustain in lane and deal damage. And I'm not talking about Yorick.

Interesting, we were just discussing this in the office recently. We discussed how the 'main character' of many fantasy series is the classic mage knight (the hero who can both wield a sword and cast magic). We dig the idea, but can't find a way to differentiate it enough from Draven. Thoughts?

Doctor Swole:
hey ezreal remember me ?

i asked you for your autograph
i was like ez can you sign my boob
but then it turned out i was a guy and you were like do not want for a good minute irl before replying
it was in an aram


A fan made a champion concept about Horus a long time ago already, everyone already knows that if another egyptian champion related to Nasus and Renekton or their world would have to be Horus or Ra.

I remember that one, his art work was pretty bomb. He had amazing details on that character.

Hey Ezreal,

Couple of questions here:

1) When are we going to see more battlecast skins? I'm a huge fan of those and the champions announced by the sneak peak of BattleGath. I learned Skarner in anticipation of his battlecast skin (I already play Anivia and Kog)

2) Is Battlecast Xerath gonna have a remake? It pales so much in comparaisons to the other battlecast.

3) Void monsters? I'm a huge fan of those too.

Thanks for your time.

1) The battlecast skin line is one of my favorites. It would be silly to not make more of them.

2) Ah, I didn't know that skin was a battlecast, I'll have to look into it.

3) Yea, void champions are pretty awesome. I don't think you'll find anyone who disagrees with you there.

Call me J4:
When are you going to fix J4's W

What's wrong with it?

Chaos Breeder:
what is the likeliness of some or a new void champ for S3 suggestion kog' maws dad (i know hes only rumor but hes just an example)

Well, we just got a new void creature in Kha'Zix, and he is pretty awesome. I can see making a new one over time. What class do you think it would be?

Also... I thought a champion based off of chaos would be cool

Well, chaos magic is indeed cool, but it has a fundamental flaw. Chaos magic is usually associated with 'randomness'. A champion who is based on randomness is flawed, as it is impossible to balance. Now you could make an argument for making the chaos mage a multi elemental mage who could cast a number of different spells. But that archetype is cleaner when associated with elementalists. So I do believe it would be cool, I just don't believe chaos magic is a good place to explore in LoL (well, other than maybe overwhelming amounts of evil magic).

Hey Ezreal,

Who decides when its time to alter a champion design/playstyle? Morello recently made a statement about how Riven needs to have damage stick to her and also nerfed her early game strengths. Thus a change in playstyle, Riven needs to know when to exchange and use her ult now.

However, 30-33% of summoners who took place in a recent poll says that Darius needs some type of nerf/rework. Its not that hes op, but hes only counterable in draft/ranked play. Blind pick you can do almost nothing about the match up. It seems that he has a few select strong counters, but hes usually stronger against most top champions. When does the community opinion spark a rework for a champion in such a case as Darius? A tweak so that in blind pick most champions aren't destroyed by him and high end play hes not altered much.

The community ultimately raises when we need to change characters. Then it's up to someone on the team to come up with a good way to improve the champion. They then need to prove to the team that the character needs the changes in order to be better. Once those are in place we try to find time for them to enact the positive changes. So if the community thinks Darius is problematic then they should beseech a designer to take on the cause of updating him.

Hey Ez! Curiosity has been killing me, I've got 3 questions.
1) Are we going to see any new updates or skins too Anivia?
2) A vast majority of us have read about the S@20 update mentioning the PBE Files, within was; Teek, Xara, Darksovereign,Seth, and Hexmage... We've got our answers for Teek, Xara, and of course Syndra, but I really really wanna know, where is Seth and Hexmage, could we possibly see them in early 2013?
3) And last but not least, Blitzcrank.... I want to know if this fact was intentional. Blitzcrank grabs people with his right arm, but the icon clearly shows his left... Is there a mystery behind this? :P

1) I'm not sure.
2) Hexmage was the codename for Viktor.
3) That was a mistake on our part. Though I'm not sure if it was that we had the wrong hand on the icon, or if we changed the hand in the particle.

I personally enjoyed the interaction between Rengar and Kha'Zix with their "The Hunt is on!" event. I felt it added another layer to the game and gave a goal that helped if it was achieved but didn't break the game. Are we going to see more things like this in the future?

Also, how do you stand on health as a resource? Are we going to see more champs who use it? Maybe with something new like a toggle? (Like a steroid that lasts as long as you keep it on, but drains health over time)

I hope so, the hunt is on is one of the coolest easter eggs we have ever added to the game.

As for your health as a resource question, it is a valid option that we can use again in the future. We just try to spread them out as they are generally less restricted than mana gated champions, and thus more difficult to balance.

Usopp from One piece could give some good ideas for a slingshot user. Not the most powerful character in the cast, but he holds his own with a combination of various ammo types, deadly aim and overall trickiness.


Awesome, I'll check him out.

Will Master Yi's alpha strike bug EVER be fixed? From what I understand this even happened in a tournament and Phreak just got flustered and moved on.

If you were unaware, after alpha striking, occasionally the skill does not show as being on cooldown but still remains uncastable for the normal duration. If you try and cast it while it is in this state, Yi just walks up and auto attacks. This is very bad for a squishy AP Yi. Having such a long cooldown at early levels makes it very hard to accurately gauge when it will be back up.

I'll pass this on to Live.

Hey Ezreal, can we have a real dwarf in the League? I know the yordles are kind of a substitute but when you play them, you know they're not real dwarfs, they're more like human hamsters . I mean a real dwarf with a long beard in a heavy armor being a total fighting machine on the battlefield.

The dwarfs could be from the Ironspike mountains, where the great dwarven city stood for decades without contact to the other nations. They are also related to the yordle.

Ultimately dwarves have too much overlap with Yordles to be their own race in LoL. That being said, I think we could take elements from dwarves and create a pretty awesome yordle that would take on these elements. After all, why be restricted to copying what has been done in the past when we can make a new unique version using our own world.

Hey Ezreal, is 2013 going to be more of female champions, male champions, or balanced between those two?

Because I'm more of a male champion player, and there are a lot of awesome concepts that haven't been approached yet.

2013 is going to have a pretty good balance between the two, but will also have a fair number of humanoids, creatures, and yordles!

Hello Ez!

First off happy New Year to you and everyone at Riot!

I was just wondering when we'll be hearing/seeing more of this guy you mentioned a little while back:

The "Elemental Hydra" champion?

We ultimately decided to pass on this character early on. We simply couldn't find a good way of placing a personality on this champion. Take for example dragons and phoenixes. These are classically intelligent creatures who have both monstrous and human qualities. Hydras on the other hand have almost universally had just monstrous qualities (barring Tiamat, who is more of a 5 headed dragon than a hydra). This led us to believe that hydra's are more likely to be an epic boss creature than a LoL champion.

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hi red! <3 can you give us another AP champ next?

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Arctic Bro



sup ez

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How do you feel about the incoming Ezreal nerfs? His already low movement speed is being nerfed by 5 and his ult's damage is being majorly reduced in teamfights.

As a buyer of Pulsefire Ez and as someone that just likes Ezreal the bit-by-bit nerfs that have been coming (and seem to be still coming) are kind of disheartening.

Wicked thread by the way man! 650 pages of awesomeness!

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Have you guys tried to make a champion with a time limited terrain changer?

For example being able to create a path from the back of dragon pit to the jungle above it, that either team could walk over for say 1 minute.

Or is this too much of a technical difficulty and too hard to balance to ever happen.

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it is not that easy getting previous voice actors into the studio to help out for such a small number of interactions. New champions will have a much easier time getting VO interaction (so hopefully we can get a new champ who interacts with EZ).

Is there at least some possibility of previous voice actors coming back for interactions?

Annie's actress came back for her visual update, but I'm not sure if that's related.

EzrealxLux forever<33333