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Is there a Poppy remake on the horizon?

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Twelfth Hour

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Hi there Ezreal! I really appreciate all the information you're willing to share with us. Two questions for ya .
1) Which champion in development do you see being released first: the elemental hydra, "seth" the drought mage, or the yordle jungler?
2) With the removal of the consistent lore developments/interactions with the canceling of the Journal of Justice, do you think interactions in game will be more prominent? Vi already shares specific lines with other Piltover champions and the Shadow Isles champions have special lines upon the altars of the Twisted Treeline. Will champions be updated to have more lines like these or will newer champions be the only ones to have these lore consistencies?

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Dear Ezreal,

Where have you been for the past 3 weeks?

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hey Ezreal

I was just wondering if there are any buffs in store for Skarner cause recently with all the changes in items ( Mercurial Scimitar) and the nerf a while back to his ult, his ult has kind of become a cool sound effect that you can make every 100 seconds

P.S. tell the riot staff to keep up the good work XD

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Bumping for my two-week old question. Thanks Ezreal if you read it!

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Hi Ezreal,

What do you think about Sion? He's a very very strange champion: A giant undead axe dude who's a mage?

And Tryndamere looks like he needs a few changes too Thanks a lot!

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Pink Moon Bunny

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Hi Ezreal sporting in some questions here

1) Do you look that badass in real life?
2) Any ideas of a new map layout besides the classic 1-3-5 column map? (PG, TT, SR)
3) Did Ez ever have any love interests while exploring?

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Hai Ezreal! Just a few quick questions (and one kind of rambling one):

1. So what's going on with the Karma rework? How long do you think we will have to wait?

2. Would it be possible to add a small stealth element to Lux's kit like it says she has in her lore? Maybe after throwing her w, once it returns she gains stealth for x amount of seconds (like 2 or so).

3. I feel that Sejuani is a little weak, and I hardly ever see her. Will she be getting some changes Soon™?

4. Starting back a little while ago, Deathfire Grasp was nerfed hard along with Evelynn's ultimate. The ratio of Eve's ult went from 1% per 50 ap to 1% per 100 ap. Deathfire Grasp was then remade to a satisfactory item. However the only changes made to Evelynn's ultimate was that it now deals current health which provides a world of problems for a squishy assassin. Will her ult either get base damage to compensate, or get reverted back to maximum health?

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Replies to pages 621-625. Ok...does anyone else find it ridiculous that we are over 625 pages on this thread?

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

On a side note, pretty embarrassed about this, but it turns out I already answered a bunch of these questions last time. Ah well, I hit a bunch more from those pages.


dont u think both nashor's tooth and malady is so under use?
and i do think this 2 item is 2 similar

why dont we make it combine into one which means maybe malady is made wif like 1 dagger and tomb
lowering the atk speed to 25 or 30 and lowering the stack of magic resist reduction

but it can be upgrade into nashor's tooth, wif the full malady's effect wif a lowered cdr maybe

it should be a great item and useful and create a new game play style on some hybrid like kayle teemo even diana and elise!

Nashor's Tooth has always been a painful item to buy due to it's stats composition. Few champions need AP, Atk Spd, AP, Mana Regen, and CDR. We hope to assuage this by removing the most painful, and restrictive stat: Mana Regen. After we do that we'll see how it does and adjust accordingly.

As for Malady...I am actually surprised it is not being used more. With the recent buffs to penetration in season 3 it strikes me as a very powerful item. This is one that I would rather sit back and watch rather than potentially overbuff.

If I recall correctly, Nidalee is on the list of champions receiving art updates. Is there any chance she will also be updated to be similar to Jayce and Elise whom have their ultimates available at level 1? Right now, her cougar form abilities scale with ranks of her ultimate instead of ranks of the skills, yet you cannot use those skills without at least one point in them. It just seems odd to me.

We like the fact that Nidalee has a different feel to other transforming champions such as Jayce and Elise. We try to avoid core feel changes on champions whenever we look back at updating them. That and to be honest, Nidalee is still pretty dang fun. She mostly needs some bug fixes.

Hey Ezreal
You should check out Shushei's team (I Want Cookie) or stream sometime
he plays Ap Ezreal and havent lost with it in tournaments, yet.

Awesome, I'll check it out!

Hi Ezreal,

I've been pondering it for a while now, have you ever played Dark Cloud? If so, you know that cat girl with the slingshot? I'd love to see a champion with that kind of weapon. I've taken notice already that here at LoL you guys base a lot of champions off other things, and that's really cool. So maybe make the cat girl an option? Thanks for the thought.


I loved Dark Cloud 1 & 2. It provided a great dungeon delve matched up with city building that I never really experienced before. It's really too bad that the series / genre dissipated with only 2 showings.

That being said, I could see a champion with a sling shot some day. Though there is always the problem with making the sling shot a 'powerful' weapon. We have toyed with the idea of making the sling shot fire alchemical globes of dangerous chemicals (think Molotov cocktails). It might be something cool to experiment with in the future, but we have no plans to make one right now.

Ezreal, Ezreal uses the left glove right? Will we ever receive a champion with the right glove? I love Ezreal concept thank you very much for creating him

Haha, we have toyed with the idea of having Ezreal's glove come from a set, and passing on one or more of it to future champions. Again, very cool, but we don't want to overplay the 'powerful artifact' too many times. Each time we do it we risk diminishing the cool factor of older champions with the trope such as Ezreal.

Have you guys ever thought about giving an ability power based champion a toggled ablility that gives their basic attacks a similar effect to twitch's spray and pray, but it deals magic damage and it only scales off the ability power on the champion?

For some reason I really think this would help build a case for that ability power champion to go bottom in the standard attack damage carry slot in the current meta.Really kinda shake thing up and encourage people to try new things.

We have rarely had success with ability power champions focusing on auto attacks (Kennen is one of the few). That being said, I do definitely think we could try out a full out AP auto attacker. It would certainly mess with the meta in the bottom lane...hmmm, saying that out loud reminds me that I really wanted to try that... I wonder what sort of thematic archetype would fit the role of AP auto attacker. Ideas?

Dear Ezreal

I'm a huge fan of League of Legends, and i would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind

1-Have you ever thought in up-date some champs?, i mean, rework some champs to fit them in the chronological date or facts on their lores (Annie can't be a kid forever, and in the lore, the Summoners promised Maokai to return him to his original form)

2-What do you think about a champ with a passive that involves other champions abilities or circumstances? ex: a champion that uses a Lighting rod to take reduced damage from electric-based abilities (Ryze's Q and E, or Xerath's Q and R)

3- Will there be a Poison-based champion? (Not like Singed or Teemo, which only have one or two poisons, i mean a full poison user, throwing poison bottles, poisoned Needles or some kind of poisoned knives)

4- Last Question... Why there is not a Water based champ yet?, a champ who can control water to attack enemies (Water Bending FTW!!!), we already have Fire, Earth, Wind, but any Water.....I want a Elemental Team

I hope you will read this and maybe answer me (Sorry for my English)

1) We considered doing this in the past, but it encounters two problems. First off, the work output to gain is pretty minimal in most cases. Second, the changes to characters like annie or nunu has the potential to be more negative than positive to players who actually like them how they are. Though I have to admit, it would be pretty funny to see a full grown adult riding on the yeti.

2) True counters are pretty bad design in a competitive game. They lead to painful counter picks and a lot of extra information required. There are other ways to get this feel into the game. For example, champions with sunglasses take one less damage from Leona.

3) Well, we already have 3 poison champs (you forgot Cassiopeia who has 2 types of poisons). So while we do have space to explore the Rogue poison choosing archetype, it would probably be a while until we tried it out.

4) Ah, this question must have been asked before Nami =-P.

Hey ez, what do you think about slowing down a unit's turn rate as a new debuff?

That would negatively impact the feel of a character in ways they would not entirely understand. So while it sounds pretty neat and would add gameplay, I think the overall negative value associated with it outweighs the positive.

Have you considered a (maybe sand worm-like) champion where the abilities are based on moving around underground?

For instance:

An ability that moves the champion underground for a few seconds, gaining resistances and making them unable to autoattack, but enabling another ability that has them do AoE damage above them, or just constantly doing AoE damage above them.
An ability that has them dig under a wall to a set point.
An ultimate, where they dig down and move to a point and burst out of the ground, doing knockback/damage/slow.

I think I've talked about a Yordle riding in a drill tank a few times, a character who we thought might be cool but ultimately decided to pass on. Imagine an ultimate that would drill a hole between two areas (knocking back enemies) and providing a one way exit for your allies. Imagine the Baron/Dragon assaults!

Ez, Super Teemo needs a sidekick, how about lulu? and why not give him an entire super group of yordles? The justice friends (fields of justice amirite?). Got your gadget guy Rumble, not-all-there-but-has-lots-of-purple mystic Lulu, super-strong female Poppy, and heavy weapons expert Tristana.

Their arch-nemesis would be Veigar the master of doom and gloves, with his simply misunderstood henchman Amumu, and Kennen. Every bad guy team needs a ninja.

You have the technology, it can be done.


Ezreal i have a little question for you...
In the League we have monsters, kids, ninjas, archers, a thing that spits to people....but, for some reason, we don't have any Samurai (I know, Samurai Yi and Warlord Shen, but they don't count, they are skins, not full champions), so, why u don't include a Samurai champion?, it would give more diversity to the League, and sincerely, i would buy him/her.
Please, answer me, i want a Samurai

We try to hit well known archetypes in ways that differentiate them from other games. We only have 100+ champs right now, there are still plenty more basic archetypes to hit. On that note, what other archetypes have we missed out on?

Dear ezreal, you've explored the concept of directionality in the past with mechanics like mocking shout that only slows when the target's back is turned, or cass' ult which only stuns when the target is facing you, but how about a champ that takes less damage from one direction than another? Say, he's got a giant shield, so he takes less damage from the front than when he's retreating. If you feel that's too restrictive, how about a champ that can alter the direction from which he can take less damage, say a psionic mage that moves a psionic force field around his body?

I personally love that mechanic, though it comes with a bit of scariness. In a game with 0 turning radius time, with enough reaction speed you could potentially reduce all incoming damage (assuming a single source). This might require us to tone down the numbers to the point of it not feeling good. That all being said, I could definitely see us trying it out in the future.

Ezreal have you forgot this thread :3 ?


Ezreal make a new thread pls

Nope =-P

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Thane Soren



I bet those people feel extra special now