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Turtle Rojas

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Play Vi, get within sight range of an enemy caitlyn, taunt.

Have fun.

I watched the vid and omg I did not know that! Amazing :O.

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My guess would be that they're different kits. Lulu with high AP ratios might be too strong, while Morgana with high AP ratios may be fine. It's all in their skills.

I suppose so, especially given how much CC lulu brings (slow, knock-up, polymorph) and her shield...

I suppose it's just frustrating with the current meta. You know that the ap ratios are there and you want to do damage with your crazy yordle/wind goddess/mute musician, but they're not high enough or there's other problems that you can't go to a solo lane and you don't get the money you need as a support. You can bring them mid, I guess, but you're sacrificing a lot of damage for some utilitiy, which means you're probably get stomped on by more traditional ap casters.

Or you're Sona and you're a melee minion.

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Replies to pages 616-620.

Hey Guys,

At least one more for the night...though I'm getting sleepy

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

Hey, Ez thanks for keeping it Real in this thread!

first i want to ask, can you give some info on the new S3 itemization that everyone has been notoriously running a muck around town...

Ah, sorry for taking so long that the S3 itemization changes actually went live...

We need to know, as always- What is the current state of Tempus?

Permanent hiatus. Though I'd still love to see him some day.

Ezreal I love kha'zix as a champion. Lots of fun. But while playing him I always tell myself, I wish he had a passive that he could move over terrain (climb walls/over trees) I wanted to know what your thought for that would be on a future champion?

While it sounds OP there are a few easy ways to counter it (if taken damage, or used a ability in X seconds) kind of thing.

I could see an ability like this used sparingly (i.e. not as a passive). Perhaps an ultimate which allows a champion free reign over terrain for a short period of time.

Hello Ezreal!

Firstly, I would like to say Thanks for answering all these questions!

Okay, I'm a Yordle sorta guy :3 and just 2 questions.

1; Will there be another Yordle Jungler in the next year?
2; Will there ever be a Bandle city map? If so, can I make a suggestion that Yordles only can play this map.

Thanks for reading!

1) Barring unforeseen circumstances, yes.
2) Maybe, though there are no plans for one now. It does sound pretty cute though =-P.

hey Ezreal, i was wondering!

with the scale of riot games, does league of legends has creative guidelines when it comes to champions? like a lsit or facts to what makes a demacians or Noxians and such when designing them?

for example: most demacians champions have

-silver armors
-golden accents to it
-Blue cloth
-and most have shoulder pads like armor

is it something that you do when designing these days? I'm a indie art designer myself and i was wondering if you guys were using that technique.

Well, we have a number of guidelines when creating new champions, though we haven't always followed them. For example, I wish we found a way to better integrate Vayne into Demacia. She still doesn't feel very Demacian to me.

My suggestion, when creating a game which is going to focus on different regions, start off with a creative template. Know the core values of the area, their insignia, their words (see Game of Thrones for this), and their colors. It will save you a lot of effort in the long run.

Thanks for the response Ezreal!

Thanks for doing this!


Posts like this make it all worth it!

Honestly, two or three things could be done to make Tiamat viable/useful. First and most importantly, make it toggle on/off by pressing the item number. When a champ doesn't want to push it's a bad item to have.

Second, choose a better stat pool for the item. Health/mana regen typically aren't relevant for the kinds of champions that would build the item (pick axe + long sword + dagger or recurve bow as an alternative, maybe?).

Lastly, it could maybe use a buff on either the AoE damage or AoE radius, but make the effect unique like almost every other unique passive. This would limit abuse cases of like, five Tiamat stacking.

Well, what do you think of the new Tiamat. And moreover, what do you think of Ravening Hydra. I have only tried it out on Olaf on ARAM, and it was crazy go nuts!

please i beg you give us an update on him

i heared somewhere a riot staff saying that the remake will be don before season 2 ends or something. butt there is still no new about it

i love heimer and really like to know if there is anything new about it.

Still planned, we just need the art resources to do it. Basically we had it mostly done and then Xyph was put on the S3 item overhaul. You can guess which project was more important.

Probably Singed:
Here's my question. Where the hell did the lore go?

We refocused where the lore department should focus. Rather than giving small bits of trivial information we instead focused on drilling down on our IP internally. Now we feel that we can do more interesting and better things. 2013 will be a good year for lore!

Hey Ez do you guys think to make more Zaun champions?


Lissandra the ice dervish!


I pulled this from a champ idea of mine, the idea of a Mimic

R: Gluttony, ACTIVE: Kreek dives forward (130 Range) to Devour and Surpress targeted enemy for 3.25 seconds and deals damage to them on impact. When enemy is devoured they become untargetable (by anyone). Kreek gains 40% of devoured enemy's Magic Resist and Armor and 20% of their HP as a shield. When Gluttony ends the enemy will be dropped in front of Kreek.

Haha, that reminds me of the Onos from the game 'Natural Selection'. This was actually the first design space for Cho'Gath's ultimate. However, it ran into a few problems. Players would use this on a character that they wanted to kill, and then skill shots that were aimed at them would miss. So rather than kill the enemy champion, you would sometimes save them. It led to really frustrated allies.

Hey Ez!

Thanks for taking time to be bombarded with questions again! haha!

Quick question, is Ashe gonna get some love soon? Watching so many champions can eat her for breakfast is breaking my heart... and it hurts... alot...owww....*sniff* ;(

I don't believe so, though I could be wrong. And to be fair, she is still seeing some really high level tournament play in Korea.

Cat girl Ezreal...


Ursa Ar├žadius:
Ezreal can we please have a chat about Volibear, I can't seem to find Volty so you're the next best thing.


He has been completely ignored for so long, his player base is tiny (and dwindling) and he has so many issues (ranging from bugs to horrid usability).

Volty still wants to go back and look at that character. Give him time, and keep pestering him!

Hey Ezreal! It was really nice meeting you at the S2 Finals and I wanted to say thanks again for the Riot Graves code! Really appreciated the fact that you (and I think he said he was Jestercapp?) waited all that time to accompany that group of people at the swagbag line from beginning to end (that line was ridiculous btw :P). Was mind-blown to find out that Mordekaiser was named after that girl you waited in line with, care to go more in-depth? :P

Haha, that was a ton of fun, and a really long conversation.

As for the Mordekaiser story...well...it's actually pretty simple. My girlfriend's name on AIM (Aol Instant Messanger) has been Mordekaiser ever since she was 10. It was pretty much the easiest character to name that we've ever had. I mean, come on, how badass is that name?

Hey Ezreal,

I would like to know your current thoughts on Gangplank. He is still a good champ but it lagging behind the newer champions and recently buffed champions. I was wondering if Gangplank could get:

1. Bonus Armor and Magic Resistance after he uses W(Orange)?
2. Slightly or % decreased Armor and Magic Resistance on people who are in his ult?

He's still pretty cool. Heck, check out 'Elementalist' gangplank. I just watched one of our live designers go a full on elemental build: Iceborn Gauntlet, Statik Shiv, and one other I can't remember, perhaps Ravenous Hydra.

Hey Ezreal what is your inspiration for you to create a champion?

Inspirations come from a lot of different areas. Sometimes it comes from gameplay (Oriana was originally called Ball Girl), sometimes from art (Nami was simply an awesome Mermaid), and sometimes from theme (some future champion might have come out in lore before anything else).

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i am wondering if ARAM would ever be a normal matchmaking, because that game mode is fun and all but you dont get any IP whatsoever

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Gentleman Twitch

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I always thought "interactive Lore" was a great idea, now that you brought up wanting lore integration ideas. Runterran/Valoran issues are resolved within the League all the time, so why not let the players decide how they play out? For example, Ionia vs Noxus match would be resolved by using results from thousands to millions of players around the globe fighting with any Ionian champion vs any Noxian champion. Garnering many kills against the xx champion with xx's champion would result in a point for xx city-state. Or something of the sort.

Or perhaps just slaying a xx city-state Champion would result in a point for them. This would get xx city state Summoners riled up and really wanting to rack up the kills, IP, RP, and keep playing hard. This would give the player the extraordinary feel that they, as Summoners, DO influence the Lore heavily.

Lore events would be amazing as well. Some could grant IP/RP for participating. Some could simply grant you titles, icons, etc. There's plenty of potential to be had. "This match has been marked for extra points! Slaying an enemy now grants your city-state 3 points instead of 1!" Perhaps having something spectacular happen in the game, like having Baron or Dragon give your city-state points if you capture it while it's designated as worth a point for it. Maybe even taking objectives. There's a lot of options. I can imagine getting excited about rushing Dragon to nab a few points for Zaun.

"Irelia has slain a Noxian champion! 1 point to Ionia!" Near where the kill/death indicator is on the right hand side.

I would love a Zaun representative icon, or even a ribbon on the VS screen!

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All Hail Swain

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So, Ez, last time I asked you about mana shields, you kinda said they wouldn't be much good in LoL.
But what if they didn't work like in WarIII?
Like, ''You take % reduced damage. For each point of damage reduced you loose X points of mana.'' You know, not block all the damage and become manaless, or block all damage and be unkillable?

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Replies to pages 621-625.

Ok, last post as I've finally gotten up to date!!!

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

Hey Ezreal, is your right arm as strong as Tryndamere's?

No one's right arm is as strong as Tryndameres...except for maybe Trogdor.

Hey Ezreal
You should check out Shushei's team (I Want Cookie) or stream sometime
he plays Ap Ezreal and havent lost with it in tournaments, yet.

Awesome, I miss watching Shushei's Gragas! And now I get to see AP Ez too.

Hi Ezreal,

I've been pondering it for a while now, have you ever played Dark Cloud? If so, you know that cat girl with the slingshot? I'd love to see a champion with that kind of weapon. I've taken notice already that here at LoL you guys base a lot of champions off other things, and that's really cool. So maybe make the cat girl an option? Thanks for the thought.


I've played Dark Cloud 1 & 2, so I do remember the catgirl with a slingshot. And yea, I could see a slingshot as a weapon, but it is pretty far down the list of potential powerful weapons in my mind.

Ezreal, Ezreal uses the left glove right? Will we ever receive a champion with the right glove? I love Ezreal concept thank you very much for creating him

We actually considered this for a dark magic user recently, though we ultimately canned this character because he wasn't quite reaching the ultimate evil magic feel that we needed him to.

I was wondering if there were any plans for more energy or fury system champs. With Lee sin being the most recent energy champion, I was wondering if the energy system was just dead.

Hooray for Zed! He ain't dead...

Besides the support that morello teased cannot wear shoes. Are there any other support champs in the works? 9 months it will be most likely between Lulu and this support which is way to long have you thought about making 3 supports a year?

Well, we work on champions as far as 8 months ahead of time. So yes, there is at least one more support in the works. And HE...is one of the coolest characters I have seen in League of Legends.

Hi Ezreal,

There have been a few threads on this with no red response yet:

Make Lux's E (Lucent Singularity) and Gragas' Q (Barrel) castable a second time while they're travelling so they detonate on arrival instantly instead of having to wait for it to land before being allowed to re-cast..

Maximum harass range and burst speed are noticeably slower with higher pings like Australians which handicaps them. This can be easily fixed by making those spells castable a second time while they're in air/ rolling.

I love this idea and I will pass it on to the live design team.

Have you considered a (maybe sand worm-like) champion where the abilities are based on moving around underground?

For instance:

An ability that moves the champion underground for a few seconds, gaining resistances and making them unable to autoattack, but enabling another ability that has them do AoE damage above them, or just constantly doing AoE damage above them.
An ability that has them dig under a wall to a set point.
An ultimate, where they dig down and move to a point and burst out of the ground, doing knockback/damage/slow.

Well, yes. We have considered making a Yordle in a drill tank. Imagine an ultimate where the drill tank goes underground and pops up in a targeted area, dealing damage and creating a one way tunnel that your allies can go through... CRAZY INITIATOR!

So why hasn't Urgot been remade yet? Im not mad about it (Yes I am) but i haven't even heard anything about an Urgot remake at all. Last I had heard someone had labeled him as a mistake of a champion.

It turns out remaking Urgot is hard, really really hard. And he is another character that clashed with season 3. We simply needed to ask ourselves what was more important, remaking Urgot or updating all of our items, masteries, jungle, and more.

Ezreal i have a little question for you...
In the League we have monsters, kids, ninjas, archers, a thing that spits to people....but, for some reason, we don't have any Samurai (I know, Samurai Yi and Warlord Shen, but they don't count, they are skins, not full champions), so, why u don't include a Samurai champion?, it would give more diversity to the League, and sincerely, i would buy him/her.
Please, answer me, i want a Samurai

Well, we are constantly looking to fill common archetypes that we have missed, and we definitely still have space for a true samurai in our game.

frais histoire:
Hey ezreal i was just wondering what is ez wearing in his original skin

Check out some Ezreal cosplay, those people know what they are doing.

Dear ezreal, you've explored the concept of directionality in the past with mechanics like mocking shout that only slows when the target's back is turned, or cass' ult which only stuns when the target is facing you, but how about a champ that takes less damage from one direction than another? Say, he's got a giant shield, so he takes less damage from the front than when he's retreating. If you feel that's too restrictive, how about a champ that can alter the direction from which he can take less damage, say a psionic mage that moves a psionic force field around his body?

Yes, I fully expect that we will do this some day (directional shields for damage mitigation). Also, that's a pretty crazy awesome idea for the psionic mage. I'll have to think about that more to figure out how to make it feel great.

heya Ezreal,

1) any news on Katarina and Cassiopeas' father or the champ who killed him(if its the champ who killed him will we be seeing Talon defect from Noxus?)

2) i don't suppose you have any digging based champs in the works

3)is Sion in the list of reworks and if so any hints as to whats being changed.

4)would it be too unfun if a champ could spawn a bush or remove a bit of terrain

5) will a delay of game start ( like on dominion you cant leave the well for a few seconds) ever be implemented on Sumoners Rift or Twisted Treeline that way everyone could buy items and get to lane regardless of how slow their comp is at relatively the same time

6) when will the phantom theif Caitlyn is chasing make an appearance

7)Lastly will we be seeing any champs or at least maps of the other 2 known continents on Runeterra

1) Not yet, but who knows.
2) Haha, I was just talking about the Yordle Drill Tank. But he is not currently in the works.
3) Not sure unfortunately.
4) Well, Caitlyn's original kit used to spawn brush (instead of her trap). So I could see it happening...though there were plenty of reasons to avoid this ability: weird interactions in lane, weird interactions with monsters, and more...
5) I don't think so. The delay for Dominion is more about the style of map: an objective based map where the objectives can be taken at minute 1.
6) I could see this happening in the future. But I would like to see that phantom thief be upgraded to something more awesome first...
7) We still have plenty of Valoran to discover before checking out other areas of Runeterra.

Ezreal have you forgot this thread :3 ?

Nope =-D

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CCC Powerhead

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You got new ideas for udyr? i mean his kit is so old, today i was playing a ranked and it was very demoralizing try to chase someone, every new champion have leaps, blink, and jumps, and i was there trying to do something ... but well eating slows and hard poke...

PD: sorry bad english.

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Gentleman Twitch

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On a different note, a concept that I always loved was that Caitlyn's "C" was actually herself, a part of her that she never knew and one that she seems unable to control, or so.. She was the one committing all the crimes, "C"aitlyn.
Perhaps a more magical approach...this would be the easiest to make sense of it all.
Or maybe it was created to cover up all of her crimes. But this would ruin the character.

Not a possibility, is it?

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Wow, I'm amazed that you are willing to use some of your vacation time to reply to this thread. Thanks so much for coming back to this thread. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Devotion like this really makes Riot stand out from the rest.