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Replies to pages 571-575.

As always feel free to check out my @RiotEzreal Twitter, as I'll always post in it whenever I post in this thread (just makes it easier to track).

I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I gotta throw it out there... How about making Viktor's staff combine with 1 of three different medium-low tier items instead? For (a terrible) example:

1) Staff + Moonflair Spellblade
2) Staff + Haunting Guise
3) Staff + Hextech Revolver

Solid idea, I would love to see Viktor gain a Tier 2 to his personalized items. I'll pass it on.

Princess Garnet:
Hi Ezreal.

Can we expect to see some changes to how Abyssal/Frozen Heart auras work?

I feel that currently, buying these items allows opposing players to "detect" the carrier of these debuff auras. I personally think it is anti-fun to keep looking at my buffs/debuffs while walking around the brushes when I know the opposing team has the Abyssal Scepter. On the other hand, this makes these debuff aura items disadvantageous because it gives a dead-giveaway of my location should I buy one. For instance, I will *NEVER* buy this item on LeBlanc under any circumstances because of the aura and I prefer camping in the brushes.

Maybe it can be changed that the item's aura can be clicked to turn on/off?

Also maybe you can take a look at what I wrote a while ago regarding cooldown reduction. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2167919

So I just checked with Live Design, and they have a solid reason for why we opted not to do this. Basically, there is no use in simply leaving the effect w/o a showing icon (the players who will notice the icon will also look for changed stats). So the other option is to simply not effect targets that cannot see you...however, that would be a flat nerf if you were to attack them from the FoW. Ultimately it is a change we would like to make, we just haven't found a way to do it without harming the items/abilities.

Why would you nerf blue buff again anyway? If mid lanes don't have blue all they are just going to passively farm and aren't you guys all about making this game more aggressive so passive farming doesn't happen? Creep camps already give a good amount of mana it's not necessary to nerf blue. All you would be doing is removing one of the best teamfight objectives on the map and making the game a lot more passive.

We believe that there might be a bit too much mana in the lane (making it too easy to passively farm in lane). It is also silly to say that reducing the mana regen on blue buff by 15% would stop it from being a teamfight objective.

ehi ez,i luv you man,you designed 2 of my favs champions, ezreal and malz

can you please answer to a couple of my questions?

1)what is riot official stance about AP ezreal right now?,it's my fav way to play ez,but i have to admit that his early game it's really lackluster since i have an horrible lane phase due to the fact that i dont have any reliable ability to farm, i mean the Cooldown on his W is really high considering that i can only use it to harass, and also that his passive on AP it's useless.i mean when i get to late game i can finally start to hurt,but his early game is just too punishing to make him a viable pick mid.

2)are there any changes in store about malz?

1) I just checked in and was told that AP Ezreal is actually pretty phenomenal right now. However, like you said, is a high risk character and thus isn't used as prominently as other AP champions. Additionally, AP Ezreal's range doesn't fit in the current long range mid meta.

2) They either just came out or are coming out soon!

Hey ez, why has riot not destroyed twitch like they did eve? Right now, there is nothing more frustration to have a twitch pop out of nowhere and gank you for ridiculous dmg. you can't get away because of his slow(which unlike eve, he has ranged attacks, so flash won't save you nearly as easily) and even if you think you got away, his expunge says "die anyway."

Please tell me why eve got nerfed 6 ft under, but twitch is still left viable?

Well, it is better to look at this from a different direction. We shouldn't have 'destroyed' eve in the first place. I believe we thought that the stealth remake was much closer to release than it actually was. We have learned from this mistake and will avoid it as much as possible in the future.

I know you don't want to answer about skins, but I have to wonder about Pulse Fire Ezreal, you must know.. I'm just wondering if the auto attack was changed at all in the skin, please tell me if they kept it the same or not!

The animation was changed, but the timing was not. So the animation does not make the character any more or less powerful.

On that note of Ahri being a good AD carry, ever try AD leblanc? You have your E for kiting melees, you have silences to stop from getting instakilled from mages. You can also reposition yourself whenever with your W, as well as do any of these twice with your ult.

I admit that AD Leblanc is pretty beast as well, though I'll still choose Ahri over her. Ahri has that clutch sustain that allows her to stay in lane. She also has a more reliable CC mechanism (imo). Though I guess the fact that I have played her a ton in her AP form has led me to feel more comfortable with either variant in the end of the day.

Ezreal, I do not know if you've addressed this at an earlier point, since almost 300 posts is a lot to read through ^_^;;;

Still, here's a question that me and my bro and a few friends have discussed vehemently, and in-depth. What do you think about a ranged AD Carry who is either resourceless or runs on Energy? I personally think that it would instantly give them a solid laning advantage, which would require their base stats or skills to be a little underwhelming, or else not scale well. In a manner of speaking, we already have Kennen who can be played AD, but his skills with the exception of W I think, do not scale up, and are only used to proc his passive stun. Since he wasn't designed to be played this way, it's hard to compare, but viewing him as an AP laner, he's able to harass endlessly without worrying about resource management. Would this be fair on a champion who scales up with AD on spammable, Energy or Cooldown skill?

Another question, and one that's generally more easily dealt with: What do you think of a champion who has more than one passive ability? Whether it be an auto-attack modifier, passive stat, passive ability activated after X instances (For example, an ability akin to Force Pulse or Sap Magic, where it enhanced the following autoattack after X spellcasts), etc.

There isn't an innate problem with an AD champion being based on Energy or Cooldown. There is, however, a problem with having spammy harass skills based on Energy or Cooldown. Since most ranged DPS generally have a cornerstone spammy harass skill on their kit, this would generally be felt as annoying. Thus, in order to balance this ability it would likely have a longer cooldown or shorter range. So while it is possible, the character would require different weaknesses to compensate.

We have had champions with multiple passives in the past (Teemo used to have 3). We have found that they are generally less fun than other champions of their type. So yes it is possible, but we generally avoid it.

I like monster champions and I like casters, are there any plans to ever combine the two? I think Urgot, who is my favorite champion, comes close. Swain is a good example too, but he's only sometimes monstrous.

Absolutely, we need more monsters, and we need more of every class (as time goes on =-P). So why not!

What's your opinion on hybrid champions in general, or champs that can viably go AP or AD? We just don't seem to get them anymore and hybrid items in general seem pretty nonexistent.

From this what's your opinion with Twisted fate's Q being useless and not worth casting if you're going AD TF? Should it get a minor AD ratio to make it at least partly relevant?

ps: Loving these more regular bitesized posts covering a single page. Big props! ^_^

I love them, and I have generally been the biggest proponent of hybrid champions over the course of LoL. However, different designers have different styles. So we either don't have enough designers who enjoy / belive in the hybrid path, or we need to push designers into wanting to make this type of champion. And the easiest way to do that is by showing that the community wants these types of characters.

Hostile Miku:
Thanks Ezreal for the reply, extending her range by 10(champ priority) isn't going to break her in anyway i would assume, it just makes her much much smoother to work with, will be bearly noticable at all unless you are the one playing Sona

And as for the ult, sometimes its apparent that it misses in the eye of the ultimate then around the edges, this hasn't been so frequent anymore though i must say so maybe it has been fixed somehow?

anyway, thanks for listning, like i said, Sona not exactly the strongest support out there anymore and is far from it, but i would much rather at this point have bugfixes/QoL buffs rather then buffs, it's better to do it that way around, rather then buffing her and then giving the bugfixes/qol, as it may push her over the edge again

Yep, that change felt great, thanks for bringing it up!

As for the ult, we made a number of minor fixes to improve the feel of the champion.

Purple Hurricane:
Was wondering if you have any plans to expand the pool of monsters in the juingle and with this making it bigger. With new monsters more buffs the meta of the game will change or atleast get more exiting to watch and play with the offer of more choise of routs different buffs and stuff.

P.S. this is a little ill formed but who cares its the internet :P

We have no plans to expand the pool of monsters on our current map as it adds additional information that players would have to learn. Though we will likely create new monsters for all future maps. Additionally, I would love to see us add an ability or two to greater monsters (Blue Golem and Red Lizard).

Few things, First I've been a huge fan of this thread!

Id really like to see another Egyptian themed champion make its way out in the league, I hope the Ra concept pans out =D

Having played DotA for 6 years and this game since Beta (36 champions) I have a request, please try to push more monstrous champions, especially insect inspired (I am already aware of the issues you face with creating monster champions, Omen comes to mind) I just find them more compelling.

Thanks for this thread!

We're not quite ready to start working on a RA champion (and we would have to differentiate to make our own variant, like we did we Nasus and Renekton), but we are big fans of Egyptian Mythology. So hopefully we'll be able to work it out and bring it to the community!

Any progress on Tempus? please answer TT

Sorry, but Tempus is on an indefinite hold. I have made a few posts elaborating why earlier in this thread, good luck finding it ;-).

Hey Ezreal, quick design philosophy question about Trundle.

One of Zileas' anti-fun patterns is the sub-optimal ability usage, where it is very hard to use an ability to it's fullest potential, which feels bad.

Trundle's ult seems to fall pretty cleanly into this category. If you use it on a tank, you get more armor/MR, but the damage you deal is far less than if you use it on a squishy. If you use it on a squishy, you deal more damage, but you lose out on the armor/MR you get from casting it on a tank.

I understand how this can also open up options for the trundle player, but at the same time, I also feel like just doing one thing or the other would be more fun (either take away the health drain and give more armor/MR stealing, or take away the armor/MR stealing and give more health drain).

Alternatively, you could make the damage into true damage.

What are your thoughts on this? While I don't usually like drastic changes to champions, I feel like the lack of popularity Trundle has right now lends itself to something like this. And yes, I know the main reason why he isn't popular; he ugly, and seems like 'Generic monster-to-kill #457'.

I would argue that this is more of a gameplay choice than a sub-optimal ability usage. Sub-optimal ability usage is primarily associated with abilities which are either terrible in specific circumstances, or abilities that tell you to use the ability in the wrong way. This ability falls into neither of the categories. Trundle's ultimate is both good as killing squishy targets, and stealing massive amounts of mitigation to both make him more survivable and to weaken the enemy target. Both of these are great use cases for the ability, and have their own situational uses.

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@RiotEzreal- If we stopped by the office could we stopped by the office randomly could we hang out or would we be kicked out?
@RiotEzreal- Which champs did you make besides Ezreal?

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Flynn Hurricane

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Hey Ezreal, thanks for doing this.

My question pertains to the rumored (confirmed?) Katarina remodel. First of all, any updates?

Secondly, how will this effect people with limited edition Katarina skins? (Red card Kat/Kitty Kat)

Will they be remodeled as well, or stay the same? If they are remodeled, would it be possible to make them available for a small window after the remodel?

I wouldn't mind as much if they stay the same, but if they are remodeled as well I would be pretty sad if I didn't have the opportunity to acquire them.

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Ezreal, Thanks for designing my favorite champ, Ezreal! Now I had a question regarding Moonflair Spellbade, is there any plan to make it a t3 item at all? Id like to see it given the same treatment hexdrinker did with its upgrade to maw of malmortis. Id just like to see another tenacity option in the game and possibly give it more ap or some other stat that it does not feel like a waste of an item slot?

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Please tell me we you guys will release more Shadow Isles or Void champions this year. (Besides the current Void champion you guys keep mentioning.)

They both currently only have 4 champions each and are my favorite champions.

It's rather disappointing you guys seem to stay away from these kind of champions, but focus more on humanoid champions as of lately. Zyra, Jayce, Draven, Darien, and Varus are human like and have no features that are unique. You know what might be cool from the Shadow Isles? An Undead AD Carry or Jungler.

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Hey Ezreal thanks for doing these threads its great for someone to listen to feedback. I really think that hybrid characters currently get the shaft when it comes to weapons. There are very few weapons that are truly hybrid and viable for the entire game (triforce, gunblade, and rageblade). I think Riot should look into either changing weapons like malady, nashors, and even rageblade to either be stronger and cost more or build into another item (similar to what they did for chalice). I know a lot of people don't want to have double assassin comps again or have other objections but hybrid champs bring a great mix of damage and utility to the game and its too costly and unbalanced for most of the game to buy a great AP item then Ad or vice versa instead of a hybrid item. Also the two main hybrid items cost a **** ton so if lets say rageblade could build up into something it would help a lot early to mid game. Thoughts? Also it would be nice to have a dual penetration item.

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Wow, once again Ezreal dodges the issue with AP Ezreal's bad farming. Practically the only ways to keep up gold-wise are either waste your ult on minions or grab GP/10 until you can start getting kills more reliably. How is this okay, in comparison to other mids?

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We're not quite ready to start working on a RA champion (and we would have to differentiate to make our own variant, like we did we Nasus and Renekton), but we are big fans of Egyptian Mythology. So hopefully we'll be able to work it out and bring it to the community!

Can I advise you to make him a caster? a RA like champ would work well with a caster kit with solar rays of doom and fire orbs and things like that.

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Heya Ezreal, I love you, would you marry me?

On a serious note, which is the meaning of life?

Ok, now on a really serious note: Are there plans for a female AD melee carry? With only Fiora poping into my head right now, that role, for females atleast, fall more into range category and that made me wonder about this position on future characters. Like a martial artits, a 2hd weapon user, I know all the creative team at Riot is amazing and could possibly come with something! Well, at least one can dream :P

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Hey Ezreal, Any plans on making any Unique champs yet to hit the league floor, like Pure Elemental champs. Pure aspects like Well was supposed to be. or say how brand is completely enveloped in fire. Or maybe even a Zues type champion that rides around on a cloud that tosses out lightning bolts and controls the storms.