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John Thelrick

Senior Member



I'll try to keep it short, because time is precious these days.
We currently have 5 "roles" in the Meta: AP carry (Mid), AD carry (Bot), Support (Bot), Jungler and Top.

My Idea to break the Meta a bit was the following:
Release a new sort of "role" called: Disrupter

What is this Disrupter about?

The Disrupter-role is for champions who have Skill kits that exists of Heavy CC abilities
Therefore I mean not like Janna heal, Sona stun, Alistar knockup, etc.. Because they have heals etc. (I mean more Blitzcrank-ish) But champions that haven't been created yet, with innovating skills and different gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I love the game the way it is right now, but I just want your tought of this idea.

U can skip this part, and go straight on to the question if u want.
A quick and lousy example:

Pattel the Earthcrusher

Role: Disrupter, Support

Fissure (Q): Pattel stomps the ground to create a curving fissure wich knocks back enemy's close to the fissure and traps enemy's inside the fissure for 1sec and immobilizing them.

Burrow (W): Digs underground. Where he can do two things: Use W again to dig back up (range is kinda hard to balance I guess, but somewhere between Akali's Shroud or Mumu's ult.) Or use E to set up a pitfall. While he has set up a pitfall u can't dig back up. So u can zone out enemy's by digging so they think u set up a trap or ACTUALLY set up a trap.

Pitfall (E): This skill is only usable when underground.

Rock Slide(R): If underground, Pattel can skillshot himself like a drill for a close range knockup.(For Argressive purpose) or If not underground Pattel slides to a target location and acts like some sort of Pillar of Filth from Trundle and is unable to move for 3second (More for defensive purpose)

Disrupters can eventually be better "supports" in bot depending on your laning partner. All of this is theoretical, but I know I'm not the only one who would like CC-monsters instead of endless sustain by heals. And this is just some quick champion idea I came up with, to accentuate the Disrupter role

My question for you is:

Is it possible to realise these champions with low damage and high CC without the feel being useless, and what are your toughts about the Disrupter Role idea?

Greets from Belgium,


PS: Sorry, I failed making it short.

EDIT: Instead of disliking, tell me why u dislike.

Why don't you create a topic with this? It may be a good idea, or maybe just something that will make people think of other ways of playing this game... keep up with the good thoughts

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Senior Member


Are there any plans to make pushing effective? Being a pusher is listed as a trait on several champions, but its actually disadvantageous to do it in most cases. I think if pushing were more rewarding, Heimerdinger wouldn't actually need any changes.

I think minions doing more damage to turrets would be an effective buff for pushers, or at least make pushing a more desirable trait.

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Did you design Ezreal? Or was he made for you like a christmas present or something?

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Hey Ezreal, mind replying to a few thoughts about Xerath?

I understood that the motive behind increasing the delay in his ult was to make it less bursty, but it feels to me that he is too reliant of his ult for something like that to work out even if his other spells get buffed.

What if his W had a small auto-attack steroid similiar to Kog W? Not something as strong as Bio-Arcane Barrage, but a reasonable one so some of his power could be shifted from his bursty ult dependant nature for a little bit more sustained damage? ( Increasing his attack range a little when locked down and a small ap ratio so it would be somewhere between Nether Blade and Bio-Arcane Barrage in power. ) This way his dps would not drop such a drastic amount after his main burst ( he seems like a burst mage after all and should stay as one ) he would have less idle time, and staying locked down even a little longer would be more rewarding while still exposing your safety.
Has anything similiar been brought up or considered?
I realize he would play A LOT like AP Kog, but their abilities are actually really similiar already when you compare them to eachother. :P
Difference in playstyle is great right now tho. Xerath having huge burst and is very ult dependant, while Kog deals insane amounts of suistained damage.

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bump for replies

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infinite azure

Senior Member


I spent a ton of time on this shop rework prototype, could you check it out and maybe forward it to someone who could give me solid feedback ?

It's fully functional aside from some minor things, and I'd love an opinion on it.


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Senior Member


Hopefully, I have an idea for a pretty awesome new Zaun robot champion.

I remember seeing something on lol wiki about a zaunite official champion, dr. prigss i think. or something like this. Can you please shed some light? thank you

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With pulse fever coming out, my thread about ezreal has come allive again. I would very much appreciate it if you would grace us with a comment =D. OTHER THAN he's great in china, because that tells me absolutely nothing.


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(I accidentally x'd out the page when I was almost done with this.. so I'm retyping it..so please read it)

Seeing as you are developing a monster champion I'd like to hand out some ideas you could use.

Yin & Yang -
In Japanese folklore there were two monsters, one with a power of water, the other a power over lava. They caused widespread destruction until they came into balance. The lava creature spewed out an incredible amount of lava, while the water creature spewed out its water, the combining elements created the islands of Japan. - Perhaps you could combine these two monsters and make a champion?

Hydra -
The Hydra is a water based monster originating from Greek mythology. It had multiple heads and speculated to be the cause of many of the missing ships that attempted to cross the seas. It has control over the element of water and looks like a dragon with no wings and amount of heads ranging from 3 - 100+. Whenever a Hydras head is cut off it regenerates double that amount almost instantly. Cool idea for a passive? "Whenever the Hydra is attacked it will form an extra head, stacking up to 6 times, each stack provides extra armor and magic resist." Something like that.

Chimera -
The Chimera is also a monster originating from Greek mythology. There are many different versions of the Chimera, one particularly interesting is a concept in the movie "Wrath of the Titans". The Chimera had two heads. One for spitting out gasoline, and the other breathing out fire to ignite it, dealing TONS of damage to the village. O.o... - Perhaps an AoE based fire champion?

I have some more ideas but this is already TL;DR. I'm going to create a post with some lore ideas for these creatures. I'll post it wherever you like, here or your twitter page or something.

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Could we get it so that the passive portion of Tristana's E in-game tool tip shows that it has AP scaling, because one most people don't know it has AP Scaling and two it is sort of annoying not being able to see how much damage it will cause when playing as AP Trist?