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Hey Ezreal, I was wondering if you can shed some light on whether some of the blinks and gap closers in the game might be getting some range nerfs now that flash has been nerfed, as an avid Nocturne player it's one thing to have to deal with the nerfed tether on everyone who still uses flash (which is everyone) but this nerf may have indirectly buffed other champions in lane, namely Kassadin and you guessed it, Ezreal

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To be honest, ezreal's flash isnt all that its cracked up to be, as far as those things go. Dashes are much more reliable to escape situations like that, because his has a short animation before casting, so if you want to escape from the outside range of a spell, the spell will likely hit you. Dashes are the bigger issue for nocturn and other skills like his. But cheer up, basically every carry has a dash like that =D

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Hard to Troll

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Hi Ezreal someone told me that you designed Nocturne.Thus i want to ask you question.Why was nocturne`s E nerfed so much in the fizz patch.I saw that flash got nerfed for 50 range while nocturne`s E was nerfed for 75 units.Pre-nerf nocturne`s E leash was flashable so you couldn`t fear your target.Are the two nerfs in anyway connected and will nocturne`s E get range increase even for a small bit.Because I really think that the way it is now just doesn`t seem right.Thank you for the time for answering my question.

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Maglad One Chain

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Some sub-par champions are roaming the league, though they can be good at times they are not always. So i was wondering are there current plans for such champs mainly Malphite / Sivir since they are two champs i truely like but feel so outta place using.

I too, wish to enquire about this. I remember reading that you guys at RIOT had sivir as "#1 ranged AD champion that needs to be fixed", then it was "Sivir and Miss Fortune", and now pretty much every OTHER ranged AD carry was balanced in some way, but still no love for Sivir.

Will she get s real passive that rewards her for being in combat soon? Will she get a complete rework? Should I ask for a refund for my Sivir skins?

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Ezrael, why are you so mobile?

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Been a while since I heard anything about Gumiho; I believe the last update was on Oct 18 regarding her passive.

I'm actually really looking forward to play this champion, so any available info would be appreciated.

<Insert Ezreal bait here>

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Replies to pages 406-410

Also, I always tweet whenever I finish a post in @Ezreal (Twitter: @RiotEzreal) (should be easier than sifting through this thread). http://twitter.com/#!/RiotEzreal

Here's hoping we can get this thread to 500 pages and a million views!!!

Sorry for taking so long on this one, November has been a super busy month for me inside of work... +Skyrim =-P.

Have you noticed that if Teemo with ignite gets his poison to also deal true damage?
Or that Sona can´t use her passive while silenced?
Or that Corki is built and geared towards AD, but all his abilities scale (terribly) with AP?
Or that Sivir´s passive is actually useless, since she only gets a increased dodge % when moving (ie not attacking) yet she can´t dodge cc, so it is useless in combat, and her movespeed is one of the slowest in the game, so she will get stunned/snared and then killed anyway?

1) Hmmm, I don't think so, I'll look into it.
2) I think we fixed that in a recent patch, can you update me if we didn't.
3) That is on purpose, Corki is still a solid AD carry that fulfills a separate roll from other carries.
4) I disagree, it increases her survivability while closing (which she has to do due to shorter ranges) and while escaping. On that note, if we updated Sivir, we would definitely update that passive ;-).

In a lot of posts, you say that ezreal isnt priority. Who is your priority?

Currently I am working on our 9 Tails champion and helping out the other champion designers with their character designs.

About Sivir´s passive, how about changing it for "The more AD, the more movement speed", similarly to the new guy´s passive? she really needs a better passive >.>

Haha, she'll get a new one in time. Though I would avoid AD --> Movement Speed, stat conversions generally give too much power for their amount of fun. We have learned this over time and now avoid them.

Hey... After the changes to Tryndamere with rage.. shouldn't we expect Olaf to get the same treatment?
I mean he is a viking berserker! And I'm sure they lived off fury/rage!

PS. MANA 4 BABIES!/little girly mages!

I don't think he's in line to get the updated system, I also don't think his abilities fit the Rage system as well (he as a character does, but his abilities don't work with it as well).

Hey Ezreal,

I have some questions:

Whenever the Riot Champion Design Team remakes a champion, can they remember what the champion used to be?

And what happens to these pre-remake versions of the champions? Are they scrapped forever and thrown in the void?

Also, any updates on Ezreal's life outside of Summoner's Rift? The JoJ doesn't talk about him anymore

1) Of course, if we ever dislike a champion update then we are always willing to go back to what they used to be, or take them in a new better direction.
2) For the most part yes, we generally don't do remakes unless we found that there is something wrong with the champion.
3) No clue, though I hope we get a storyline in for him eventually.

Hi Ezreal!

I heard that you will make Kumiho the Nine Tailed Fox Girl, so I'd like to ask a few questions about that:

- You planing on making her a support type hero?

- Many people - along with me - expects that she will be a hard champion. Can you comment on this one? What are YOUR plans regarding her? I'm sure "she will be fun", but I want to know which type of..."fun" she will be If you understand me...

- Will you mix the korean and the japanese myths? For example the japanese nine-tailed fox is not so evil, furthermore she uses illusions and closed spaces as "battle magic". (Neat ideas I think.. )

I would welcome any insider info about her planning and reasons behind her designs and kit.

Thanks in advance.

1) Well, her name is now Ahri, hope you all like it!
2) Nopers, she is more of a mobility type assassin (caster).
3) Well, my goal for this champion is to make her conceptually easy, but to be both high APM and have a high skill ceiling. So she is high mobility and has generally low cooldowns.
4) Well, this character is more of a seductress, which fits the Gumiho storyline much closer. Though she does utilize spells like Fox-Fire.

Three more questions (hopefully you answer my previous thread when you get to that page!).

1. You've said that you're not allowed to go to the Champion Concept section for legal reasons (though you hope for a competition yay!). That's fair enough and pretty obvious why. But is this the same case for Champion Feedback and Item Discussion forums? I mean they seem mighty inactive Red post wise. Are you also not allowed to look at suggested items for the game?

It's a killer coming up with items and not only having the possibility of ever having them in the game (if they're a good idea) for as lame a reason as legal complications but to not even get Red feedback is also saddening.

2. I heard rumors that you're testing AD spellvamp items but are worried about abuse cases. Is this true? If so are you able to provide any updates on this? Also have you ever considered making lifesteal proc off of physical damage abilities or would you prefer to keep the lifesteal/spellvamp split between autoattacks and abilities rather than physical and magic damage?

3. Now that Dominion is done and dusted bar future balance tweaks. Are you able to comment on where all the resources that went into Dominion are going now? Are there like problems you've had to put on hold (eg: stealth/jungle remake) until Dominion was finished?

1) Unfortunately yes, it applies to the item suggestion forum as well. My apologies =-p. However, there will always be ideas which are disseminated, for example if you posted the best items from those forums here.
2) We have not started testing it yet, however, we have designed an item which we will test. Give it time, it'll hopefully work out. As for lifesteal / spell vamp, we would like to keep those separated.
3) We spread the resources on dominion out across the company. For example, I went to the champion team, Geeves went to the Live team, and other designers are working on other neat LoL features.

Just tell me if there is any plans for new Ezreal skin..he didn't got the skin since Explorer Ezreal, He really needs one because I love to play him so much.

Yes and I can't wait for it!!!

Hey Ezreal, I was wondering if you could give your personal thoughts concerning this thread SlyGoat wrote a while ago in April. I'm guessing you may have already read the thread; It was called: "What's the point of Ability Power again?" http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=659737

Since you don't like hyperlinks and don't like to read long posts, the TL;DR was:

6 out of the last 10 champions have abilities that scale with AD rather than AP. More AD scaling = less viability for AP champions. There's no way around it. Ability Power is starting to feel more and more like a pointless stat, it offers no playstyle difference compared to AD scaling - Katarina plays the exact same whether you buy AP or AD. AD scaling is a band-aid solution to anything that feels weak about any DPS champion, and Riot is going to start making the problem even worse in the coming patches. Why?

Personally, I agree with him, and now with Riven and Talon out (among others since that time), I'm guessing you guys are completely disregarding SlyGoat's claims, even though Morello did say,
Original/Full Morello Post: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=7900036#post7900036

Why is AP even called "Ability" Power anymore?

To start off with, AP will always be called AP because that is what people will recognize it as. If we were to release LoL today then we would have probably called it Magic Power, or something like that. As for the split between AD/AP, I still believe they have interesting differences. For example, some AD scaling abilities apply on hit effects. AD scaling is often quite lower since the champions have their auto attacks. It also helps us split the champions thematically. Wouldn't it be odd if we couldn't have a champion like Talon (AD Assassin) because he didn't look like a caster?

Ezreal, are you going to team up with Coronach in designing a champion? Also, will there be a Wukong remake (since he is China's most powerful literary fighter and deserves to be cried "OP&quot? Thank you.

Actually, Coronach and I worked a bit together on Shyvana, we also worked a bit together on the 9 Tails. He is an amazing designer and I can't wait to work on more champs with him!

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hey ez, what is riot take on master yi, having in consideration that he isnt picked for competitive games, but is probably in a good spot for soloq??

having in consideration that giving him CC and reducing his damage would make him "not yi", have you considered giving him a debuff on one of his skills? so atleast he can be of some utility for his team besides damage?

also, does nocturne fills your expectatives? he was designed to be a squishy assasin but ended up being more efficient played as a bruiser, what is your take on this?

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Silent Reaper

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@Ezreal are you going to change your Avatar picture to pulsefire Ezreal soon?

I think you should

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How do you guys feel about special Champion interactions, like the one you introduced between Graves and Nocturne? Do you plan to add more of those or was it just a one time kind of deal?

Please add more.