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I don't think this patch really addressed the issues with pantheon. He used to be god, then he was garbage, then he was beyond god, now he's just regular god again. There's something inherently OP about a champ who basically gets a free kill out of two of his skills without even really being fed.

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Bump, tell us moar about this sniper champion!

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Hi Ezreal
I would like to know if there is anything planned for Gankplank.

edit: I found the answer for my question in your 181-185 replies. Thanks anyway

So I will just say Hi

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Replies to pages 181-185.

About the new champs that has been created, is riot against the idea of having champs more specialized?.
I was chatting with my friends about the changes that brought lol in regard the old Dota. Ap,brushes, more action, maybe less CC, was a good aproach, but we feel like this champs are less charismatic. A lot of them have this single nuke or aoe skill that slow like 30%, and are a lot alike,that feel like balance between all, or like is fair for all. In Dota, the champs were more specialized like broodmother were weak versus champs with aoe, other is good 1vs1... . I think that more specialized champs that brings umbalanced issues too,but give them more charm, and maybe let the items give possibilites of counter the meta, maybe people would begin to buy tiamat if there are more champs with pets,have item agains aoe or something. This last champs feel to alike, no much difference for me between olaf and xin(both attacks for survive), irelia and akali, and maybe the one champ that was unique were heimerdinguer.

We are always trying to come up with ways to differentiate champions (especially with dramatically different ones like Heimerdinger). Sometimes subtle changes can make a champion feel different (no one feels quite like Ezreal), while other times we need larger changes (energy based champions). Though I do admit we make fewer champions who are 'great' in some scenarios, and terrible in all other scenarios (for example, anti mage in dota...if cranium basher didn't exist).

Commando Wolf:

Is the Sniper after Cassiopia?

WHAT were the stats on the spoils for the noxus v ionia rematch? (NICE COMMENTING PHREAK!!!! )


And we have decided to not give away the stats of the Doran's item quite yet, as we expect to bring it back as an option in future story matches.

Oh Hamburgers:
Looks like this thread is dead.

If not, mind filling me in on if we'll be getting any Zaun champions soon? I feel that they're under-represented and that we know very little about their lore and culture.

It's not dead yet, though it will definitely be updated less often.

As for Zaun based champions, I can't think of any coming up in the near future. Though if players show support for individual city states we often pay more attention to them.

Hey ezreal thanks for answering my previous question, you guys are doing great work keep it up!

Anyways I've been hearing more and more rumours that flash is being removed, not nerfed but totally taken out from the game. Is this true? I really hope not... IMO if you do that you're going to be giving champions with a built in flash/dash a pretty big indirect buff.

We are still testing our flash changes. The most recent one we are trying is removing projectile popping from flash. Removing one of the most used summoner spells is not something that we will do hastily.

Will we be hearing anything more on Warwicks Captor from the journal of justice??? I'd really like to hear more and maybe see him in game!

Mayyyybeeee, though you should ask that question to the lore forums.

Dark Lord155:
thanks for buffing energy runes

Yep yep.

It was a support item, but it was also too good on tanks/tanky DPS. They removed it as part of nerfing the tanky DPS thing, because the nerf they would have had to implement to fix is would have made it useless on all but 4 or 5 champions, so they're going to figure out a better way make Locket work and fix the champions that relied on it too much as it was to be useful.

And I've lost count of how many times I've had to say that today.

Thanks for grabbing this one for me. Yea, locket was primarily used on tanky characters like Gragas and Udyr, which was causing fairly massive problems. It was also not super effective on most support champions. We pulled it because we would rather remake it into something that fulfils a solid role, than nerf it into oblivion.

Couple if ideas I saw a while back but I don't think ever got any attention from Reds.

Besides the horrible itemization (3 items, one of which is unique, all of them way too expensive for what they give), someone pointed out in another thread that probably the biggest problem with spellvamp on most characters is that at the moment the spellvamp happens, it's completely useless. The caster starts the battle at full health, launches his burst, then gains nothing because there is nothing to gain - they're already at full health, and now all their cooldowns to proc the spellvamp with again are blown. I think the suggestion was a kind of health-storage-buff that would then give vastly increased health regeneration proportional to the damage done.

I don't know how it would work on the back end, or if it's even possible with the system, but what about levels of stealth? Like making stealth not absolute, but say giving Twitch a fairly weak stealth, where he's invisible in minion and ward line of sight, but if he gets in... 200 range (I don't have a very good grasp on range values, so that might be way off) of an enemy champion, he's revealed. Teemo would probably have perfect or near-perfect stealth, because he can't move during it, and Akali's smokebomb would give her fairly strong stealth because of the range limitation, but no idea on Eve or Shaco. Oracles would then increase the range that you could see these champions at.

Any thoughts?

Spell Vamp: I can understand where you are coming from, but that sounds like a shield reservoir system which would far over complicate a simple stat. As is, spell vamp is easy to understand (it works like normal vamp). Also, we noted that it was over priced and reduced it's cost recently accordingly.

Stealth: We are looking into our stealth system currently. It is causing too many issues to make more stealth champions. As for different levels of stealth, that adds a new layer of complication to a system that already confuses players. We will likely update the system, but in a non confusing way.

You designed Zilean?! I love you forever.
Time mage - awesome concept.
Rewind - one of the most unique spells in the game.
Time Bomb - has about 10 different uses in the hands of a skilled Zilean player.

Hats off to you, sir.

As for a question: Will we be seeing any new support champs in the not too distant future?

Zilean is mine =-P.

Yes, we will see a support champion within the next 4-5.

How far ahead have you guys planned in this game? The numbering of the champions makes us think you planned really, really, REALLY far ahead.

Very...very...far ahead, though we are updating our process to be able to move champion releases around more (we want to avoid more Kog'Maws, where he was released when a poking meta was in play).

This may take a while to get answered, but I think it will be worth it; something quick and short to help you conserve time.

Does Riot have any plans to make this game more competitive? I am not asking for confirmation on Replays/in game voice chat, etc. I am asking if you guys are going to continue to appeal to the casual crowd and cater to them, rather than the competitive crowd. There a re a number of problems with this game that can't make it competitive. If you make a high skill high reward based champion, people in the competitive environment complain of the OP. If you create a high skill champion with a moderate reward, people ask "Why don't I just go stun with tibbers than work hard at doing just about the same thing on this champion?". Just curious...would love to see this game have a better competitive community with clan support etc.

Personally I like high skill champions getting more utility from their abilities (as opposed to more power). For example, I always liked Ezreal's high mobility for a carry, and it's one of the reasons I like Caitlyn's kit so much.

As for stun tibbers, Annie is a very straightforward powerful champion, but when is the last time she has been top tier?

Should we expect to see Renekton before Shadow or "Aeon"? Also will Shadow also undergo a name change? If Aeon is getting changed, I suppose Shadow will.

TY for commenting on my list btw, it is good to know who makes who ;p.

Shadow dude and Tempus are still a far ways off. Oh, and I never gave out his real name.

Of course for the list, I'm glad we were able to make one. Though I still need to talk to guinsoo to verify it.

1337 2thaparty:
Just wondering when is this gravity champ planned to come out, early spring, late summer?

And good job on this recent patch, just wondering if the cost on the new boots will be substantialy high seeing as how 15% cdr early game is ridiculous.

We put the gravity champion on hold as another champion became a higher priority on my list, so no idea. As for the CDR boots, expect them to be priced around Berserker Grieves.

Exactly how far off is the sniper champion?

Is it a boy or a girl?

Also what are your current thoughts on gangplank and will he ever get buffed?

The sniper champion is Caitlyn, and she is next up!

As for gangplank, honestly I really dislike his design and I think he needs a fairly major rework.

Ez big fan btw. Will trundle ever get some love or will he continue just to troll games? lets face it only one ability for an attack besides his iffy ult. Att end game isn't really a huge concern with the tank meta in-place. and the Ult.... man really it's like a weak morde ult.

Honestly I have no idea, I haven't played with or against Trundle enough to know about his state in the meta. As for his ult, I do think it needs a bit of a buff.

hey Ezreal,

since you made Malzahar, and I'm very glad you did.

I just wanted to ask you: don't you think it's sad this marvelous most badass evil ubercool character is lacking some, over-the-top-wow! skins?

I had an Idea wich I posted in european and NA forums, maybe you'll like it

can there be more info about the history of malzhar and kassadin? where did they come from,

what bad experiments did kassadin do to get in the void?

where did malzahar live before, how old is he? 1000 years old or so?

Neat skin, I hope we do something like that. Though we do have something else in the pipeline for him.

I'd love to get more info on those two, you should request more in the lore forums.

Adell Greene:

Whatever happened to Vlad's original concept? I saw one of the drawings of him in his early stages of development, and was just wondering if there were any plans to use the old concept.

We moved him away from looking too much like a generic vampire and opted instead for his new look =-P.

Hey Ez. Me again. First things first, I've been super excited for your sniper for a while. My favorite thing about Trist is her gun-toting commando badassery, and I get the feeling this one will be the same way.

Now for my questions.
1)What do you think about Swain? He seems to have Mord syndrome, where top tier players think he's awful while a select group of players think he's excellent. (myself included)

2)I find teemo really handy now, but will his movequick be getting a true active anytime soon?

3)Ryze rework. I heard about it about a month ago and I think Guinsoo said it was to come this past patch, but it's not there yet. Is it coming soon? Apologies if I misremember what ya said Guin.

4)High-five to whoever buffed urgot and high-five to Ezreal!

Edit:Also, the guy on the previous page is right. Jax's Empower is perhaps the most boring skill in the game right now. It doesn't really do anything cool like other next hit moves. I mean, Siphon strike upgrades, 3-talon is a combo knock-up move, Devestating blow does %hp damge. Empower just gives Jax's auto some AP bonus damage. It's Akali's E that works on one target. I don't know what you'd turn it into, but that's just my opinion.

1) I think he's solid right now, but doesn't fit into the current meta game. So we have no plans on changing him right now.
2) We're looking into it, though I don't think he really needs it (I'd rather see his poison get an active).
3) We went in multiple directions and didn't like any of them, so we held off on it for now.
4) High Five!
PS. I agree.

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Is Katarina going to get a REAL rework, or do you think she's fine where she's at?

Her recent buffs (changes?) didn't address the largest problem with her....which is her ult being too easy to stop for as much damage output it gives (it's about 70%+ of her damage output right now). You guys also nerfed her early game even further and killed AD builds....I'm a sad panda!

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Hey Ezreal! First post!
As a lowly Lux main, I have two questions(tell Shurelia I love her forever for designing such an amazing champ! <3)

1. Right now, do you feel Lux is where you want her in terms of balance? Some find her slightly underpowered even after the buffs.

2. Do you feel Lux is where you guys want her in terms of playstyle? Is the way she turned out what you guys had in mind? I noticed her buffs were definitely to her support capabilities instead of her damage dealing ones(aside from the finales change).

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Agrias Oaks

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Can we possibly expect some Irelia buffs? I think she could be brought up to par a bit!

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Kama Toki

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So Ezreal, now that you've made another champion.

Time for a Cat-Guy Caitlyn

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I don't think this patch really addressed the issues with pantheon. He used to be god, then he was garbage, then he was beyond god, now he's just regular god again. There's something inherently OP about a champ who basically gets a free kill out of two of his skills without even really being fed.

Annie says hi