I want to work at Riot.

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I am graduating this year with an associates degree in Computer Support and Network Administration. Does anyone know what positions Riot is most in need of? Throughout my life the main passion I've had is gaming. It's my dream.

Do they only hire those with a 4 year degree? How much experience will I need before I have a chance? Any advice appreciated.

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Just this last summer, they held internship posts open.

I think over 4 thousand applied, plenty of them people who've disassembled, reassembled a straight computer when they were eight. Or had been asked by microsoft/google to work for them but turned it down because they had more options then just settling for silly google or microsoft. Semantics aside, Riot doesn't hire for people who have straight 4.0 GPAs and attended the best schools possible, ect.

They can do better.