Chaox's opinion on the AzF cheating incident

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Sharp Bladez

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Thinks AzB should just be disqualified instead of fined $30k. Subjective opinions based on emotions cause you were on the disadvantaged side. That's what it is. I'm not agreeing nor disagreeing with RIOT's actions on the incident, but I can say that chaox is being completely unprofessional "whining" to 11k viewers on stream. When a viewer said do something about it, he replied with he's already doing something. He's telling 11k viewers his opinion. OMG RIOT NOW YOU HAVE TO LISTEN BOOHOO HE TOLD 11k VIEWERS AND IT'll SPREAD OMGZ...................... Way professional chaox.

Soccer match ref gives a red card. Player doesn't agree, whines to fans. That's what this looks like. Really, the only "slap to the face" is how unprofessionally childish you're handling the emtional response you've gotten from reading RIOT's decision. I hope you read this and try to think rationally instead of emotionally and then take action.

P.S: I'm probably not going to read responses as I only wanted to state what was on my mind, just like chaox . And no I'm neither a fan of frost nor tsm. I'm a fan of Thanks for reading, let's all state our subjective opinions like chaox yayyzzzzz