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My Epeen is Giga

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Do you guys think one point in Swiftness is better than one in Improved Recall? Also, is one point in Brutal Force better than one in Mental Force for mages such as Fiddlesticks and LeBlanc?

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swiftness should be better than improved recall, one second on recall isn't really noticeable unless you recall at the same time as someone else next to you.

I prefer 3 brute force 3 mental force and 0 in havoc. 3 in brute force helps last hitting in lane

havoc really isn't worthwhile if you look at the math, take karthus, lets say his ulti does 2k damage split between the team, without any mr he would do an extra 30 damage to the team, 6 per person, add in mr and its like 3-4 late game