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Need help understanding the leaver system

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Emissary of the League


You can get punished for leaving custom game.

Tribunal is still in full effect so people can still report you.

Not sure why this was downvoted... Riot has verified numerous times that this is indeed true.

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Sereg Anfaug

Senior Member


If a game gets too long and you're not making progress, try to start a surrender vote. If an AI game is taking 45 minutes, there's a pretty serious problem(could be the fact that you've just started - I wonder if my first few games lasted that long?).

It may not pass, as people are(and should be) hesitant to surrender to AI, but it may work, and it's worth trying rather then leaving your team to 4v5(I believe bots compensate at Beginner, but if you're playing intermediate, they don't).