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The correct solution to playing poorly is to get better at the game, but how is this tautology going to help new players?

For the benefit of the OP, if a guide is asking you to build items in certain sequence, and you are having problems farming for those items, then it is important to have in-between items, like Doran's or GP items so you can either keep up with power or keep up with gold.

Because what good ADC guide doesn't have some Doran's in them?

Like I said, your original statement that "a player shouldn't follow a certain guide if he can't farm" made no sense. Plus, GP10's are not a substitute for farming. A single GP10 is like 1 cs minute at a cost of like 32 cs. Like telling them to use a crutch that doesn't work well now and won't work at all in the future.

There is no alternative to getting around bad farming other than getting better at farming. The crutch doesn't really solve the problem. Just poorly mask it for a bit.