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Jungling Tips in SoloQ?

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Ive been playing league for a while, without noticing I've tunnel visioned into the mid lane. Most of my champs are midlane specific. But I've found in solo Q people tend to spam mid, and sometimes even if they are below you in pick order they will still lock into mid..

I really want to get into the jungler role because I believe mid and jungler are the two most influential roles that determines the direction of the game. But my initial evaluation of the jungler role really scares me. It seems that you are almost forced to pull off successful ganks or else you would fall behind if you were to continue to farm the limited jungle creeps. And you would have to keep flawless timers on all the jungle camps, constantly in position to help your team. I just don't know how to get started.

Any tips on how and what champion I should start jungling with would be apprecieated

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I jungle pretty often. I would suggest you start off with Warwick. He is not the strongest jungler, but he is also not the weakest either. You can find a good build here http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/anti-carry-jungle-warwick-magic-dps-99024. Start off at Blue, then go to wraiths, red, golems, then back to wolves. By then you should be level 4, now you can start ganking. Take 1 point in w first, then 2 points in q, then your 4th point in your e. See which lane is overextended or low and then go in. The thing you have realize about jungling is it not always about "getting the gank"that makes you a good jungler. Sometimes just making the enemy adc burn their flash or drive the enemy top out of lane so your top can have free farm. Getting fed is nice, but it's not always necessary. I suggest you read the guide all way through that I posted. It will not only teach you how to play a badass Warwick, but it will also teach how to jungle in general. I hope that helps.

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jungling is one of the most intimidating roles to learn, there's alot of concepts that are unique to the role

luckily, the requirements of being a good jungler is most similar to the mid and support roles. if you roam alot to gank as mid, you already have a good understanding of when and how to gank. jungling and support are similar in that both should have great map awareness and have a good understanding of where the enemy is in the fog, such that you can navigate the jungle areas safely even without vision.

which jungler you should start learning with depends on your elo. if counter jungling is prevalent around your skill level, you want to start with a safe jungler such as warwick. if counter jungling doesn't seem to be a problem, then you can pick strong junglers such as amumu, fiddlesticks or maokai without fear of being counter jungled.

generally, it's best to start with a champion you're comfortable with in lane and transition into the jungle with that champion - so you don't have to learn the champion, and the jungle at the same time. you want to avoid skillshot heavy champions unless you're comfortable with skillshots (lee sin, cho), even if those junglers are tier 1.

clearing: things to consider when choosing a jungler are
1. clearing speed
2. sustain (how low do you go on the first clear?)
slow junglers are vulnerable to getting counter jungled
junglers that get too low after first clear are in danger of getting straight up ganked - start cloth armor if you find yourself getting too low in hp

1. cc
2: damage

when you first start jungling, i recommend using a fast clear high sustain jungler.
you still get to learn about ganking, what makes a successful gank, but you don't have to rely on successful ganks to transition into the mid-late game.