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Tanky Attack Speed + On Hit Teemo Build?

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Junior Member


1) What item builds are good for a tanky attack speed with on hit effects teemo? Please say your recommended and situational item builds for both offensive and defensive when facing AD or AP champions.

2) What skills should be maxed first and last?

3) What runes and masteries are recommended for a tanky attack speed + on hit teemo?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Madrids bloodrazor, beserk greaves. Then build tanky/ap. Ex. Abyssal Scepter

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Senior Member


1) wits end, frozen mallet

those are the main 2 you need. with your e and a wits end thats an extra +90 damage on hit.

after that probally a bloodrazor or if you need armor a atmas.

2) i max e first, thats how you get your damage, plus getting an extra 50 damage plus a 30 damage poison is nice for harass. then q and w. getting r whenever i can.

3) for top you want armor yellows then more flexable for whatever else you want