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My Idea/Proposal for the Honor System

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Hey guys.

My suggestion for the new testing Honor system is this:

Since there are positive points given. Those can be used as a Reward system and also help encourage those trolling/****** bag players to actually be positive for once. and here is my idea.

Positive Points.

With the positive points you can save up enough honor points and redeem them for cool prizes. Like ip boosts.exp boosts, special skills only available to buy with honor points. etc etc. So with cool incentives like that maybe, just maybe, those trollers and rude players could actually have a change of heart for once.

Negative points.

With the Negative points. Those could be used to actually take away positive points. So say you had 5 honor in teamwork. but you did a bad game and didnt care anymore and got a -1 in teamwork. then you would have 4 honor points remaining.

So ya long story short here is my idea for the Honor system. Feedback?

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Lieutenant Milky




it's already doing what they wanted it to do.