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Revamp of the EXP System

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Currently, EXP on your account has 4 functions:

A) As you level up, you can utilize new summoner skills, up to level 12 where you earn Flash.
B) Upon each level up, you earn another mastery point, and rune slot
C) Upon hitting level 10, you gain access to more powerful runes. Upon hitting level 20, you gain access to the most powerful runes.
D) Upon hitting level 30, you can play ranked games.

I understand that to draw players into the game, and get them hooked, you want to offer incentives to keep playing. Experience Points in addition to Influence Points are very convincing rewards to make people keep playing League of Legends. However, there are some inherent flaws with the system.

The current system actually encourages new players to use subpar summoner spells. They get accustom to Heal and Ghost, which are easy to use, but often less than optimal. Because my brother taught me how to play LoL, I remember I couldn't wait until I could Flash at level 12, and I was surprised when I had people still not taking Flash at level 30.

Now, I am all for people using diverse tactics, but if you feel the other summoner spells should get played more, you should buff them, which will encourage everyone, not just the uneducated, or unskilled, to use them.

I don't really have any qualms with the rune/mastery system. It's fun and catchy.

Level 30 is required to play ranked matches. THIS IS EXCELLENT. However, you reach level 30 by playing only bot games. The ELO system is well designed and mostly accurate, but the majority of people do not actually have control of their ELO during placement matches. You can be good enough to influence a game positively, but the reality is, at such low level of play (1200 ELO), virtually every player's positive influence of the game is done via not making mistakes. Poor decisions have a more snowbally effect than good ones, in League. Extremely costly mistakes are made far more frequently than extremely rewarding gambits.

If you are going to use EXP to determine who can play ranked games, you should not offer EXP in game modes that are non-competitive. Alternatively, you can set additional criteria for playing a ranked game.

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Jerk in the bush

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I think the biggest problem with the EXP system is that it makes it nearly impossible to learn the game the right way when you start. You don't have access to runes or masteries that are necessary in order to properly jungle or play an AD carry. You have no flash as an escape which also makes it hard to play AD carry. You have no ability to get extra gp10 which makes it even harder to play support.

The way that low level games work is two people in top and bottom lane both running around trying to fight the other two on the enemy side. It's way to complicated to try to explain to a friend just starting to play what jungling is or how to do it...

"Ok so, you kill things in our jungle area instead of going into one of the lanes. But you can't do it now, you need the right runes and masteries so you don't die but you can't get those until you are level 20, but that's the way games are really played so just keep that in mind while you learn the wrong way for 20 levels."