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Matched in queue

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Getting in a game solo queue is quite easy, getting a a game solo queue that has the chance to win is not.
Even in solo draft or ranked trying to find a team that is willing to play as a team and be responsible for themselves is next to impossible. Not nearly enough people agree on what to play in character selection everyone wants to go mid and not many are willing to jungle or support. I am usually always willing to play any role and will support when needed but supports can not carry a team.
This results in a lot of people dodging games or just simply going in and throwing the game. While there is a system in place to punish people for doing this there is nothing that will really prevent this from happening.

People should be matched in queue by what they are willing to play in the game, whether its a top lane jungle mid or bottom lane. You should have the option of picking what role you would like to play before the game and be matched up with other people who will fill in any other roles available.

While a lot of ranked teams use different comps and try different things it is hard to find people in solo queue that are willing to play as a team. There is little to no communication and most people don't understand each other. The default comp consisting of a solo top lane a jungle an ap carry mid a support and an ad carry bot would be simple to fill in. The choice of what champion to fill that role is still your own.
There will still be random trolls who pick a role and refuse to fill that role or find a way to troll the team and it may make queue times for people who wont play a needed role longer than usual.

It is not a perfect idea and it probably has more flaws than I can see but it is an idea none the less and any feedback would be appreciated.