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The Powers that Bind [Xerath / Syndra]

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Haven't written in a while, wasn't on league for two weeks and when I came back there was another new magical powerhouse Syndra, thought it'd be cool to give her a story with Xerath just because she's a new source of magic that lifted a temple from the ground, hard not to notice. Let me know what you think.

Xerath ascended into the sky sensing a power that had sprung up in the past weeks. His time in the League had kept him from being able to pursue the powerful presence that had risen from the ground of Runeterra unexpectedly. His form moved slow, for he was in no hurry. Time was not a burden he had to bear any longer, but a minor tinge of curiosity would come and go with a spark flying across his body. Eventually he came upon what appeared to be an upside down mountain. Or the base for something larger. As he rose a temple came into sight, and the power coming from within drew him closer. Any power that he knew little of, was power he seeked to control. Perhaps whoever lay inside could help, the summoners that guarded the nexi were proving to be less and less useful every day.

"Who's there?" A dark voice came from the temple, and black spheres began to phase into existence with a swirl of energy, hovering threateningly by the stone buildings entrance. Whoever had owned this temple had it well kept, there was no sign of moss or age on the building, and he hovered towards the first stone steps, landing and paying no mind to the spheres that were drawing closer.

"I am Xerath." Simple, to the point.

"I know not of a Xerath, where are you from?" The spheres began to wobble in the air, little bursts of energy escaped their forms and Xerath became aware of the mage's power inside. It was nothing he couldn't handle, but this form of energy was something he wished to study, no matter how meager it was.

"The home I had is now destroyed and buried beneath the sands. I alone remain, and your power is fascinating. I wish to know it's secrets." A leash sprung from the entrance and latched onto one of the unstable orbs, before it was lifted up, and then swung towards his form. Raising his hand a shackle appeared attached the leash to a wall, and as the orb destabilized the energy sphere burst and the energy leaked back into the temple.

"You come here with chains and the need to learn my power. Leave now, I don't want to harm you. My powers will not be bound." Xerath let out a laugh and energy sparked over his body. It was a forced laugh, a false laugh, but it seemed appropriate. Whoever was in control of this immense power was afraid and lacked control. Their defensive attack may have scared off a weaker magical user, but his powers far exceeded the one inside.

"I come here not to bind your power but to study it. You seem afraid of your power being bound, and yet you have so much excess and lack control." More spheres began to form from the ground, and Xerath payed them no mind as they began to be thrown one after another into his form. Sparks of energy jumped from his body, breaking the weak magic that kept the raw energy in a stable form, and as he hovered inches off the ground into the entrance of the temple he could tell that this was once a play where magic was studied deeply. This was new magic to him, as was much that Valoran and it's city-states had to provide. It was young magic, but the mortals of this time had potential to grow in power, and he was sure to take all the power they could provide.

"Leave this place at once, I am war..." Xerath lifted a sparking blue arm and sent a pulse of energy through the building, feeling it's energy flow and disrupting a great deal of it. The temple began to descend from the sky and drop, but Xerath raised it once again. Any sign of an orb of energy attempting to harm him had disappeared, and he took in a breathe of the power.

"You have much to learn, and I feel we can be...beneficial to each other. Reveal yourself." Xerath had reached a door that led to the center of the temple, and a women covered in black flowing cloth, with a crown embedded with a purple gem, a matching glow to her eyes, and three orbs still hovering around her pushed it open. He could see inside that the tilt the temple has suffered had thrown the room into disarray. The women was giving off enough power that she could still maintain energy within her arms reach, a feat that impressed Xerath ever so slightly. As he moved forward though, sparks from his body caused her energy to become slightly unstable, and the orbs started to waver.

"What did you do to me?" Moving backwards fearfully, she used a great deal of focus to attempt to maintain control of the energy flowing around her, but all control of the energy flow the temple provided had been lost. She had been hovering briefly, but a spark jolted towards her feet and she dropped to the ground. The form looked pathetic and weak.

"Are you the only one at this temple?" Xerath looked around, expecting to see a master, perhaps this was their student. This pathetic form trembling in fear beneath him couldn't be the source of power that had drawn him here.

"ANSWER ME." The gem glowed and her hands began to emit energy. Xerath turned and put the pressure of energy on her form, but she continued to rise. "I WILL NOT ALLOW MY POWER TO BE BOUND IN MY OWN TEMPLE." A shock wave sent Xerath's form back a foot or two, and he felt her energy try and take control of the temple again.

"Then you are the source of power." Xerath floated towards her and she attempted to force more energy towards him, sphere after sphere forming and launching, but without a stable force controlling the temple the room began to tilt, books and tools slamming into the far wall. A barrier of raw energy formed between Xerath and the women, and everything she threw at him was dampened. The few amounts of energy that made it through he felt enter his body, and feeling the energy inside of him adjusted his barrier to better protect against the energy she was using, until he had a full sense of the magic, and took back control of the temple from her.

"You...won't bind me...not...again..." Her figure dropped, and even the three spheres that had surrounded her in his presence began to destabilize and burst. Xerath shifted the temple once more, and moved from the body to look at the various tools and books. Lifting his arms he raised the chaotic mess into the air, and began to organize and sort everything, until a certain book caught his eye.

Her form began to lift up, and three spheres formed around her body once again, as she looked at the hovering arcane form before her. "You were attempting an ascension ritual?"

"What is it to you...come to stop me? To try and take my power?" She scooted back against the wall. Her master had given her the benefit of the doubt, and did not defend himself against her. Nor did her ever put off such an incredible amount of energy. It was like she was going to be crushed.

"I told you, I am not here to bind you, I am here to study you." Xerath flipped through the pages, various runes and text he could not read covered the books cover to cover. The only runes he could identify were nearly identical to the ones he had used for his own ritual years ago. "What is contained in these books?"

"They're...destruction rituals. For the fools of Ionia who tried to shackle me, and for those like you that wish to bind my powers and take them..." A spark shot from Xerath's back and froze a centimeter away from the gem on her forehead.

"That might be my plan if you continue to say it is. If you are so terrified of losing your power you're willing to destroy everyone that might take it from you, then maybe you aren't deserving." The book floating in front of Xerath slammed shut and he spun around to face her, the energy retreating back to his body from her terrified and sweating face. "You seek destruction and ascension without proper control."

Raising an arm to try and leash a sphere, her energy leaked out and scattered. She couldn't use it any more.

"It's taking everything you have just to keep those three little spheres hovering around your body, and even then they don't look like they'll last very long." Looking between the destabilizing orbs, her body frozen, she flinched when Xerath moved forward. A small wire of energy went towards one of her orbs and it stabilized itself, and turned a lightning blue. Xerath lifted it away from her body and looked at it before it began to turn black again and explode in his grasp.

"Looks like you're not the best at control either." Xerath laughed for the occasion again and waved an arm across his body.

"This body is ancient, a form of pure arcane energy, an immortal state with no mortal vessel to restrain it. The magic of this age is unfamiliar to me, but I seek to master all forms of magic to unlock the secrets of this world, and to remove this petty shell that inhibits a great deal of my power. Unlike you, I am restrained, and yet my power is leagues above your own. I have control." Xerath turned from her and she began to breathe deeply, her spheres slowly coming to a stable state, and a third one forming once more.

"You sound just like my master. Do you know what he said? I lacked control, and if I didn't control it, he would take it from me. Is that what you want? To destroy me? To destroy my power?" The woman had lifted herself up, using the wall to keep her from falling back over.

Without turning back to face her Xerath responded, "Oh I won't destroy you. If you turn control away, and turn away my assistance, you'll destroy yourself." The runes in the room that had been carved for the ascension ritual glowed blue and she could feel her body start to tear away. She let loose a scream as the room began to whirl and destroy her. "You are unable to control even small forms of energy for long periods of time, and yet you want to maintain a body of pure energy for eternity?" The room snapped back to the way it was, her arms and legs still in one piece, and her legs buckled, dropping her to the floor again.

"What...do you want then..." Panting and sweating, she looked at the being who had attained what she had been working for, and more. If she learned from him, perhaps she could keep even him from binding her power. She could live forever, and nobody could stop her progress of growing power.

"A name, and your knowledge." Xerath raised the books in a line before her, opening them and rapidly flipping through the pages before closing. "The knowledge of you and your people."

Orbs now stable, the women rose, energy flowing from her body back into the temple as the pressure from Xerath's form returned to his body. She was back in control, and she knelt before him. "My name is Syndra, and I will teach you everything."

"Then let us begin." Xerath could feel the dangerous presence that the woman gave off, but if she was trying to use his teaching for her own selfish purposes, he would leave with his knowledge, and she would eventually be destroyed by her own thirst for power. She was only a threat to herself, and he would only gain knowledge from her.

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Still Eternity

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Very nicely done! It felt very in-character and appropriate. +1

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very nice

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Anymore? It's a nice story.

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Not read this yet, but cool that someone else has done a Xerath and Syndra fanfic. I will read tomorrow though. Promise.

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Love it