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2 Weeks Ago

Hello there everyone. I made a thread in the player behavior forum with this idea, but it also pertains to strategy, so I thought I would post in both.

The Issues

Have you ever been in a game where you felt that the players you were paired with were at a much lower skill level than you? Have you ever wondered why you are not improving in rank? Have you ever wondered how professionals get so good? Well, of course you have! These questions and many more can be answered with one simple tool. Replays! The best part is that we already have replays available to use through lol replay, and we could make them an integral part of the strategy forum or even create a new sub forum for these analysis.

The Basis For The Idea

Before I got more involved with League of Legends, I used to be a Masters Terran player on SC2 HOTS. One of my favorite strategy forums ever was the Team Liquid forum. Why did I love this place so much? The answer is simple, they were all very knowledgeable about the game and when they put their knowledge together, they not only improved themselves, but the community as a whole. What people did in this forum was very simple. They understood that the game is very complex and there is no one answer for every situation. For that reason, they focused on improving mistakes that could be put in the context of that situation. Let's say that you think the Protoss race is OP and that is the reason why you never beat them. Well, post a replay of your gameplay and let the community analyze it to see what the real reason you lost was. If they cannot find any major gameplay issues then you have a case for imbalance, but that was very rarely the case. Their motto was to improve your own play before you complain about anything else.

Transferring The Idea To League of Legends

"Dond, you lost us there with all your talk of another game. How does this affect me as a League player?". Well friend, the idea goes something like this. Let's say that you are a bronze player and you think you are stuck in the dreaded ELO hell. I see these threads posted around the forum all of the time. You trying to poorly describe the entire situation and then us trying to badly give you advice is not helping anyone. So, post a replay file of you losing a game that you felt you should have won if your teammates were better. 9 times out of 10 we can find and correct your mistakes and you will find yourself winning those games when you are in a similar situation again.

Side Effects

This idea actually does a lot more than help improve individual skill. I can't even begin to name all of the benefits, but I will try to list a few. First off, this will help get rid of knowledge less players and make the general game closer and more enjoyable. This is pretty easy to understand. If we raise the game IQ of players and they spread their knowledge, then the baseline for the community rises. Secondly, all of those ELO complaints disappear. Lastly, players will be more kind to each other in game because they can now offer real helpful advice after game or they will see the mistakes they made first instead of instantly blaming teammates. If you want to see a good example of these effects, then take a look at the SC2 Community. It is one of the nicest and helpful player bases out there. When is the last time you have head anything bad about SC2 players with how they act?

Please let me know what you think of this idea. Upvotes and Downvotes alone don't help anything if we don't know why you are doing them.