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Looking for a serious 5's team

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Hey guys, so ive been playing LoL for a while now, and want to go further from just the average 5's random pick into competition play. I admit i'm not the most amazing player out there, we all have those matches where well lets face it, we suck. I'm currently stuck at 959 elo and having trouble getting out due to 2 or 3 people on the rare occasion just feeding and making the game near impossible to win, when i'm trying my hardest to win the lane/jungle and push for victory, although there are times where ofcourse i am in the wrong with some stupid decisions, but who doesnt make stupid decisions? even the guys in the championships make little mistakes that turn games around. Anyway, im begining to ramble so i'll wrap it up here. For ranked, i can play any role you want. My best top champions are Singed and Shen, my best jungler's are lee sin and amumu, my best mid is katarina, my best adc is a toss up between vayne and ashe, i rather vayne but i find it easier to get cs with ashe, and my best support is sona, also i can bot tank with shen reasonably well.
Anyway, i'd like to join a high end team but i guess with my elo atm not many would consider me, so im happy to join any team that wants to push for greatness.