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How to build APC Orianna?

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I just migrated to the server of North American Region 5 days before.
And before that, I have had a Lv30 account in Chinese Server and kept useing Orianna as APC since Lv20... But I think I failed in building her.

This is my building ways.

Masteries: I didn't use mormal mage masteries for 21:0:9, but 9:0:21, becasue I'd like to increase my money faster to get better items in the game.

Runes: I chose Magic penatration+0.95*9,Cooldown-0.65%*9, Armor+1.41%*9 and Ability Power+4.95*3.

Spells: Heal and Teleport

first: health potion*1 mana potion*2 boots
downwind: health potions and mana potions, sorcerer's shoes, Crystal scepter, Deadfire Grasp and wards.
headwind: health potions, CD boots, doran's ring*2 Crystal scepter and wards.

I found there are many problems of this way, this Orianna is lack of Ability power, health, CD and looks just like a support. how can I build an APC Orianna?

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Notorious P I P

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I usually go boots and pots and then the second back i will get two dorans rings and wards. The third back is where the choice lies. If you are doing well consider rushing deathcap. If you need more survivability go for Rod of Ages. After that its just your standard ap items. I usually go for the one that slows (i cant rememeber the name), but build according to the other team.

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Hi, LustFever here. I'm a 1300-1400 elo player who mains Orianna Ranked mid.

The first problem I see is in your mastery tree- Securing kills and dealing tons of damage in teamfights through the offensive tree is far better than getting tiny bit of gold through your utility tree. There's a HUGE difference in taking Executioner in the offensive tree, especially for an AP Burster / Nuker
Runes... They are really your choice, really. As long as you take ability power quints and spell pen reds, you are pretty well set.

Your summoner spells, well, Teleport is always a good spell as a mid laner to really roam around and be a threat to the enemy team. With Lich Bane, Orianna dishes out tons of damage to turrets, enabling her to backdoor in dire situations. But, you must NEVER forget Flash as an Orianna. It allows you to position yourself to ult, throw your ball around teamfights, or escape. It's such a versatile that I daresay it is great on any champion. Heal is pretty useless (especially in games where people play smart) because they won't get baited. If you need sustain, grab a Catalyst the Protector, and build a rod of ages. It makes you tanky and will give you the sustain you need.

Here's my build-
Starting items: Boots and 3 potions (choose what potion you want)
Mid game items- Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads,Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap

Why do I not rush a Rylai's? Orianna has no single targetted spell, making the slow on the item less effective. Also, you have your W as a slow, and RoA's tankiness and sustain in lane is far more useful in my opinion.

Why don't I grab a Chalice of Harmony? It has Magic Resist and Mana Regen!
Because, being beefy with the HP is far better than having that tiny magic resist. If you are running low on MP as Orianna even with a Catalyst, you are not managing your mana wisely. Try to ask your jungler for a blue buff, and if you can't, try to play... a bit more passive.

Late game items- Lich Bane, Abyssal Sceptor or Void Staff, Zhonya's Hourglass (Can be replaced for an item of your choice)

Lich Bane is CRITICAL on Orianna, though it's not something you have to rush. It just gives you some Magic Resist which is always nice, Movement speed, and the passive. Oh the passive, it lets you drop towers like flies. Lich Bane + Orianna's passive synergizes so well it's not even funny. Try to chain auto attacks inbetween your skills, your damage output will increase SIGNIFICANTLY.

This will cover your Orianna's lack of Ability power (you should at least have over 600 AP lategame), health. CD isn't neccesarily required on Orianna (though it always helps) because her cooldowns are so low already that it doesn't make a huge difference. Have fun!