How to not win at League of Legends: Soraka

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Originally Posted by SnesController View Post
"Soraka is bad because here's a hypothetical situation in which she does very poorly."

Sure, kid. Sure.
2 hypothetical situations that are mutually exclusive and all-inclusive. In other words, she can be winning lane, or losing lane, and if she is winning, the player could have won much harder on a different champion, and if she is losing...well, there are picks that are just as good to deal with that, and Soraka lacks the capability to set up ganks for other lanes in order to recover, one of the more significant comeback mechanics for a lane. And then of course, she has a very poor late.

Champions that can freefarm in laning and excel late are great. Morg, Anivia, Irelia are good for this reason. Even if they have a hard time killing their lane opponent (these 3 don't, actually), it's fine to fight to a draw because they can farm, and wait for late.

Soraka plays like a lategame champion in laning...and then isn't good late. If your objective is to just not feed and get carried by your teammates...she is a good pick.