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Mobile Purchases or RP. ***ERROR***

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There was an issue with my provider (Virgin Mobile) that showed I had 200+ dollars left of phone credit so I attempted to purchase $50 worth of RP on the PVP.net client through the store.

After 4 texts (each charging me $6.60) came through on my phone, the remainder did not come through and the purchase of RP was discontinued. However, I still payed $26.40 and have not been given any RP or refunded in any way.

What can I do to either...
1. Get a refund of my credit.
2. Get some RP, the amount determined obviously by the money I spent.
3. Something different to make up for the money lost.

I enjoy playing LoL but this is very unfair and I'm sure there are a handful of players that have experienced the same problem as this.