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[Suggestion] Spectating features

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Clive is a qt



I'm not sure how popular viewing the ranked games selection in spectator mode is, but I absolutely love it. When I just have my laptop and some time to kill I'll hop on and watch some high end league of legends. However, finding a game seems really lackluster.

Here are some ideas and thoughts I hope that can be implemented in the future.

  • More selections than 5 at a time
  • Like/Follow a player in SoloQ
  • Manual refresh when looking for games to spectate
  • Show AVG ELO of players
  • Show Score (hate joining a game that is already 10-0)
  • Option to start or rewind to at least 1:30 on the timer

Currently, I find myself waiting for it to refresh itself, hopefully so I can find a game ~5min marker and if I'm lucky there are player names that I recognize to notify me that this is a higher ranked game. Perhaps I'm doing things all wrong and would gladly like to be notified of that, otherwise I'm a fan that would greatly like to see some more work done to this feature of LoL. Thanks!