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Available interface languages

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First of all, I'm opening this thread on triplicate on General, PVP.net, and In-Game HUD discussions, because I'm not sure where it should go.

Now the point.
Having all these readily available languages for the game (or at least, just a patch away), what is the point of allowing/disallowing them based on which server you're connecting to?

I'm pretty sure there are people over there at North America that speak spanish.

Many people from South America play on NA servers because of lower ping than EU servers. I believe the Brazilian servers would give me a better connection than NA, but it only allows me to use the portugese interface, and I don't speak portugese.

I wanted to play with my friends, but some of my friends don't speak english so they opened their accounts on EU servers. Now I need to make a new account to play with them.

So, please, remove the server restrictions on language options. I understand you may not have support in all languages for all regions, but we should be allowed to choose the language for the interface.