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DominateDominion.com Version 2.0 Released!

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DG TheFeedski



-"Featured Champion of the Month"

-Increase site views
-Regular release of guides
-Possibility increasing DD popularity and influence
-Encourage players to expand their character roster
-Possible idea for the DD Stream

Current Issues:
1) One of the major complains among Dominion fans is "I see the same champions every single game."
This is a problem that is seen in all the elo's.
Low Elo: Most players lack the knowledge/skills to really counter high tier champions so it is easy to "faceroll" with these champions
Mid Elo: Players feel the need to play these champions to counter the high tier champions the other team may have.
High Elo: I know the problem exist but not being in high elo, I cannot comment.

2) Lack of a reliable source of guides
I do not trust most League of Legends guide sites when it involves Dominion.
While they may be good for SR, I feel that even I have a better understanding of Dominion than some of these guides.

3) DominateDominion lacks guides
At least the last time I checked. That may have changed now. I consider DominateDominion one of the largest organized Dominion communities in the NA server.
It is very important for DominateDominion to have a library of good quality guides.
If I find people wanting to get into Dominion, I want to tell them DominateDominionn.com is the best source of Dominion guides.

Featured Champion of the Month
My desire is to find a solution that can help solve all three issues.

Featured Champion of the month is just what it sounds. DD picks one champion (preferablely one that is not popular but very viable) and write a guide for that champion.
They should also advertise that champion on their site.
The goal is to encourage Dominion players to try something new and see if they like it.

Suggested Method of Execution
Assuming you think is a good idea, I would just like to give a suggestion on possible execution of this.
The goal of this is to encourage the use of other champions while also having a regular release of guides on DD. This will eventually create a "library" of Dominion guides on DD.
Of course DD should not be limited by these guides and others should write guides as well. But the "Monthly Featured Guide" should be very well-written and helpful to players of all skill levels.
In a way, the "featured guide" sets a standard of writing a guide on DD.
The champions picked should still be very viable, but not incredibly popular. If you pick a champion that performs very poorly on Dominion, then it would discourage rather than encourage.

-Respectable Dominion player(s) should pick a champion that fits the description above.
-*The player should actually play this champion several times to make an accurate guide.
-The guide should be written and proof read to have relatively good grammar and flow.
-If other respectable Dominion players could read over it to make sure it is good would be awesome.
-Release the guide and advertise it as the "Featured Champion of the Month."
-Repeat next month.

*I had a crazy idea that maybe the "data gathering" part could be done by some of the streamers.
This creates a sort of "guessing game" in figuring out the next "featured champion." This could potentially increase viewers on the stream.

In conclusion, this is only one suggestion out of many possible ones. This is something that would take a lot of time and effort to make work so I understand if it is not a plausible idea.

If you could take one thing from this post, it is to find some way to regularly release good quality guides.
Also find a way to expand Dominate Dominion's influence. The stronger DD's influence, the more likely it will be for Riot to give Dominion attention.

I also apologize if this post had bad formatting. Since this is a relatively large post, I wrote it in Notepad++ to prevent it from getting deleted by accident.

Sorry for the late reply, but I think you have an excellent idea. I'll add that to the list.